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    Default Question About Reporting Spam Replies to Spam Threads

    I just have a quick question to the moderator team, about what would be the thing to do to make their lives the easiest.

    Occasionally, I'll find one of our movie-spam threads that has been replied to by another movie-spam poster. Would it be better to just report the first post, to keep the number of reports to a minimum? Or would it be better to report both posts, so that there is a report for both of the spam-posts (and both spam-posters)?
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    Default Re: Question About Reporting Spam Replies to Spam Threads

    A fine and reputable question. I myself generally just report the first post, since if the thread is deleted it gets everything, but I'm not sure what the mods would say.
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    Default Re: Question About Reporting Spam Replies to Spam Threads

    When I've run across this, I just report the OP and mention in that report that there was a spam response to the thread as well.
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    Default Re: Question About Reporting Spam Replies to Spam Threads

    Sheriff: A single report of the initial spam is probably sufficient to result in both being taken care of, but if you want to report both, that's fine, too.
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