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    Default Wizard/Sevenfold Veil Feat Help

    Selecting feats, especially for spellcasters, had never been my strong suit. The character I'm building now, a grey elf Abjurer/Master Specialist/Initiate of the Sevenfold Veil, is a prime example.

    I know what feats are required for my Prestige, but beyond that I'm not at all certain what I should take. The character is starting at level 1, so I'm not pressed for time on this, but I thought I'd hit the boards and get some suggestions.

    Any ideas?
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    Default Re: Wizard/Sevenfold Veil Feat Help

    hey Element Zero,

    Here's a few places to check.

    As a hint - Initiate of the Seven-Fold Veil is often abbreviated as IotSV (or IotSFV); a quick google search will give you many, many results to browse.

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    Default Re: Wizard/Sevenfold Veil Feat Help

    Here it's a link to a thread I started for the exact same purpose. I'm currently only level 5, so I have yet to get to the level where I can enjoy my more powerful options.
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    That is essentially all they are. Personally, I just emphasize the fluff; Wizards make glyphs and circles and study strange books and incantations, Psions rub crystals, meditate and fast a lot, Clerics rave in temples and moralize a lot while discussing theology and rubbing holy symbols and pondering "What would Apollo do?", and Druids prance around naked in the woods talking to mice and nibbling on bits of shrubbery. Beyond that, at the core, they're just tossing off magic spells.

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    Default Re: Wizard/Sevenfold Veil Feat Help

    Aside from the guides I'm sure not what to suggest, perhaps toughness? XD

    Okay, kidding aside because even if didn't pick feats you're probably the strongest person in the party (unless you have a DMM Nightstick stacking Cleric, an Artificer, and StP Erudite I suppose), improved initiative is bland but powerful. Spell penetration and the greater version aren't great (Assay Spell Resistance is amazing), but they're not bad either. (You can only prepare so many Assay Spell Resistance. XD ) Aside from that metamagic is fun, split ray if you use any rays at all is good, and quicken spell is always awesome.

    ...That being said, if you're allowed to retrain and start at level 1, toughness for level 1 and level 1 only might not actually be a completely troll choice.
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