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    Default The Legendary Pixel Crew (D&D RPG Webcomic)

    Hey, you may or may not remember me as that guy who made the One Piece: Grand Line 3.5 webcomic. Anyways, I've decided to start up a second webcomic. This time it's a Sprite-based D&D RPG Webcomic. It uses sprites taken from, particularly the ones made for The Liberated Pixel Cup.

    You can find the webcomic here:

    Btw, here's the latest page as a sort of sample comic:
    Spoiler: The Legendary Pixel Crew - Strip 12
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    Default Re: The Legendary Pixel Crew (D&D RPG Webcomic)

    Out of curiosity what edition is this comic in? I was thinking 3.5 but you mentioned hitting your ally with a ranged attack which as far as I know does not happen. Is it 3.0?

    Oops, just noticed you linked to pathfinder... it doesn't have that rule either though.
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    Default Re: The Legendary Pixel Crew (D&D RPG Webcomic)

    The liberated pixel cup?

    I think I submitted assets to that back in the day.

    My 100% original pixelart fantasy webcomic, Hero oh Hero.

    Webcomic discussion thread:

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