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    Default [Suggestion] Non-OP contributors and homebrew thread necromancy.

    I have a suggestion to amend the rule regarding thread necromancy as it pertains to the Homebrew Design forum. Would it be reasonable to allow the original poster of a project to name a list of members who contribute significantly enough to the project to be exempt from the thread necromancy rule for that particular thread? It would reduce the amount of requests to mods and allow projects to be maintained longer with fewer thread revisions.

    The list would be placed at either the beginning or end of the first post for ease of access by mods checking up on a thread. I believe that this amendment would also foster more collaborative work, as the current thread necromancy rule has made an environment that encourages supplemental works from others to be in their own threads instead of the original project thread. It will also make projects more resilient to when life happens, as the OP would have someone to keep a thread alive during a hiatus.

    Thank you very much for your time.

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    Default Re: [Suggestion] Non-OP contributors and homebrew thread necromancy.

    Is this really a common situation?

    Note that if the OP is gone permanently or semi-permanently, then the other posters will not have the option of changing the first post at that point. If a group is working on a project that the OP has given up on/is no longer available, it might be better in a lot of cases for the group to simply create a new thread with a new (active) OP. Allowing non-OP people to necromize the thread makes sense if it's a project where different people show up at different times to produce content, including the OP but only occasionally, but I can't see that being the standard format for such threads.
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