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    Lightbulb The Wild Arms 3.5e Project (Seeking Volunteers and PEACH)

    Wild Arms is an excellent (opinion, of course) series of RPGs from MediaVision. I could go on for a few minutes, singing its praises, but what would that accomplish? The point of this thread is to create some 3.5e homebrew based on things from the series, not to recommend video games. I'd appreciate some help in doing that from my fellow Filgaians in the Playground.

    Project Goals

    In no particular order...

    Fast Draw
    I'd like to get an entire Base Class out of this, but I'm not sure there's really enough to justify it. Maybe just a ToB Discipline. Let's not forget Secret Signs. There are also some existing Maneuvers that are very similar to Fast Draw techniques (for example: Avalanche of Blades/Time Stands Still - Slash Rave)

    9/25/2014: Currently being worked on as a five-level PrC.

    Crest Sorcery
    I can see some issues with this one. For one, which version do we use? WA1 is basically a Spell Point Sorcerer that can practically swap out their Spells Known on a whim. WA2 is even worse as far as D&D balance. That also brings the Force system into the conversation. And what about Crest Graphs? Keep in mind that they exist not to enable this magic, but to expediate it. With time and the proper knowledge, one could just draw the appropriate Crests on the ground with a stick and it would have the same end result, even casting a spell they don't currently have bound to their Graph. (Actually, the Crest Graph was specifically invented to solve the time issue for combat situations.) Then there are spell "levels" to worry about. And probably some more things I've missed. All-around, it's gonna be a tough one.

    EDIT 1: I'm starting to think this would be better as a Prestige Class.

    9/25/2014: Currently being worked on as a PrC.

    Zoa Priest
    This might be the safer option, considering both this and Crest Sorcery can do pretty much everything. Maybe some limitations need to be laid down to cement the difference. If we do both, then CS would definitely be Arcane and this Divine. As for actual mechanics, this could be easier or harder depending on which aspects we use and how. For the moment, I have no interest in repeating what I've just said about Crest Sorcery but with slightly different wording.

    Beastiary of Filgaia
    Balloons, Gagisons, Assassin Bugs, Blue Books and of course the Metal Demons. This might be the easiest part.

    Maybe Trask? Ragu?

    Guardians as a Pantheon
    Okay, this is gonna be the easy part. No complex new systems, no statblocks (to start with, anyway). Just figure out Alignments and Domains. Luceid - Chaotic Neutral

    Unlock hidden item abilities. Not everything can be Mystic'd, and the most common use is applying single-target consumables to multiple targets. There are other effects though.

    Any other ideas?


    Nothing Yet

    Currently Being Worked On

    Crest Sorcery as a PrC.
    The Fenril Knight as a five-level PrC.
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