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    d20 Action Anticipation Ability

    Hi Everyone- I am new to the forums so please forgive me if this is in the wrong place.

    I am writing a campaign where the main group of enemies is a cult of mystics who practice an arcane art called "farseeing". This allows them to see and act upon potential future events. I would like to incorporate this into their combat and I was thinking it would work well as a once a day ability. My idea was to apply a percentage chance to its successful use against an opponent. Something like, "This ability grants a XX% chance to anticipate and act upon a target's next action before it is completed." My thought was if successful the character using this ability would then be granted a standard action and/or a movement action to thwart their opponent’s move.

    I would appreciate any feedback or suggestions the playground has. I am a new DM so be gentle. LOL
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    Default Re: Action Anticipation Ability

    How about letting them cast Moment of Prescience at caster level 5 (1/day)?

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    d20 Re: Action Anticipation Ability

    I was not aware of that spell. That might just do the trick. Thanks for the info!

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