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    Default Help me design a steampunk country

    For my next game, I want a steampunk vibe and a JRPG feel.
    I'm considering a steampunk country that keeps magic strongly regulated and a revolutionary group trying to break free from all this control. It's going to be a Pathfinder game, so I'm going to pull most stuff from d20pfsrd.
    Other than that, I really don't know what I should do. I'm at a complete loss. Any suggestions would be welcome.
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    Default Re: Help me design a steampunk country

    I would start by asking myself these questions:

    1. Where is this country? What resources does it have access to? How do people adapt to or conquer their environment?

    2. What are some important historical events that shape the way people in this country think about life, religion, politics, and other big questions?

    3. How is this country ruled, officially and unofficially?

    4. Who lives in this country? Are there multiple social classes? Ethnic divides? Religious divides? How do all the different people in the country interact, and what do they think about each other?

    5. Who are the country's neighbors? How do they interact with the people of that country?

    6. What steampunk elements exist in this country? Who builds/runs/controls it? How does it affect people's lives?
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