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    Default Homebrew game. I want ideas for special martial art attacks.

    I did a topic some time ago about something I wanted to do with monks. And I currently have something going on which is nice. However, I want to create more variety for monk-like classes.
    How it works is rather simple, each character have technique slots from their class "family" type, which they can use to prepare techniques to be used later. Unlike spells from D&D, a prepared technique does not go away after it is used.
    Monks does in hitting people with fists and weapons in style, using combo and crazy finishers to deal damage. I want to explore wrestling with them, and I have a few problems.

    First, I want attacks to feel useful without being severely situational. I have no idea how a technique that allows the monk to simply slam the opponent in the ground for damage would be fun or relevant. I fear it could be redundant to, since it would end up being simply an attack that deals damage, in the end.

    Second, any technique I decide to give to the monk-likes, I am wondering why fighter-likes couldn't have it. The thing is, there are currently four class "families", warriors, tricksters, martial artists, and spellcasters, each having their own technique lists. Since warriors are supposed to deal with combat, I'm not sure if they should have access to grapple stuff, have their own grapple stuff, or nothing in that regard.

    Again, thanks for any input, and pardon me for any gross mistake I did. I am currently exhausted because reasons.

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    Default Re: Homebrew game. I want ideas for special martial art attacks.

    Have you looked at the Tome of Battle, it has combat classes based around doing martial arts style tricks called Maneuvers, using these mechanics you could have those families as different Disciplines. Though, you may want to tweak the mechanics as maneuvers are spent once used in an encounter.
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    Default Re: Homebrew game. I want ideas for special martial art attacks.

    If you want things to be monk specific, you should probably invest in a special Ki Pool, that way, monks can use the typical combat maneuvers, trip, bull rush, grapple, etc. and then be able to tap into their inner reserves to use truly mystical powers. Something like different martial arts styles specific attacks (Like a defensive wall of wind that grants concealment from melee attacks with crane style and the ability to make an AoO against anyone who fails their attack due to the concealment. Junk like that.)
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    Default Re: Homebrew game. I want ideas for special martial art attacks.

    I was thinking of giving them a "mystic pool" mechanics for them to play with. I haven't elaborate on it except that it will be used to make combos easier to chain, or increase attack bonus or damage. I might allow it to fuel mystical attacks but I haven't put much thought into it. Right now, I'm just focusing on how they will handle grapple. I thought of giving them one special skill that will allow them to do body projections to the ground or the air (the latter mean that you just toss the poor guy around, the former means you slam it in the ground). Doing so makes you lose the hold. Id love to give them an attack that may start a grapple automatically, I just don't know where.

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