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    Default Where should I put a question about how a homebrew and roleplaying?

    I have a question about how a mechanic I'm considering implementing would affect roleplay, and I'm wondering where I should put it.

    I'm considering designing my own RPG, and I'm wondering to what extent social rolls should be a part of conversational gameplay. On one hand, having lots of different social rolls would allow the rules to more accurately reflect a character who is good at some but not all aspects of conversation (e.g, being good at noticing lies but bad at telling them could be represented by a high Sense Motive and low Bluff), but having many different social rolls can cause conversations to collapse into just rolling with little or no actual in-character speech. On the other hand, having few or no social rolls causes a character's social proficiency to be almost entirely dependent on the player's acting, for better or for worse.
    Would a thread with an OP like this belong in the Roleplaying General forum because it discusses roleplaying in a system-independent way, or would it be better suited to the Homebrew forum because it deals with the creation of new rules? My idea was to make a thread like this in Roleplaying General, use feedback there to decide the extent to which I wanted to implement social rolls, and then post another thread in Homebrew about how to best execute my ideas, but I wanted to check here first to see what would be most appropriate.
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    Default Re: Where should I put a question about how a homebrew and roleplaying?

    Sheriff: Either but not both. Roleplaying General seems best to me because you don't have any homebrew to offer, you're just asking a general question about how social rolls affect gameplay.

    You could do what you suggest add long add you do it in sequence and not simultaneously. We don't want people creating two threads in different sections for the dante thing.
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