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    frown Can't play- missing the rulebook

    Hello, our game store has a play-test copy of DoD, but the rule book seems to be missing. Due to the layout of it (oversized pages, text on colored sidebars, etc) photocopying someone else's book wouldn't work well, and I'm guessing a PDF version is out of the question.
    Is there any way I can purchase just a copy of the rules? If anyone knows who I should ask, please point me in the right direction.
    Many thanks!
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    Default Re: Can't play- missing the rulebook

    I do believe you can find a pdf version of the rulebook on ape gamers site under the DoD game. Yeah, here's the link to the DoD part, the rulebook link should be easy to find.

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    Default Re: Can't play- missing the rulebook

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