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    Default Post Display Issue

    As it says on the tin.

    This thread in question has issues with the way the first post is displayed. More than half of the text takes over the part where links to the comics, store, forums and other stuff outside of the box it's supposed to fit into.

    I half suspect that the problem may be on my end though.
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    Default Re: Post Display Issue

    I see it too. It doth be weird junk.

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    Default Re: Post Display Issue

    I suspect it's caused by mixing the INDENT and LIST tags, but that's just a guess.

    Edit: I'm pretty confident that's what it is. If the author changes the INDENTS to just be nested LISTs, the issue will go away.
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    Default Re: Post Display Issue

    Yeah, guys, please don't try to mix indent and list tags.

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