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    Default How to get somebody's attention

    ok so heres the problem, im trying to contact Zaydos because i was hoping to ask them about some homebrew ive seen them work on in the past, but their PM box is full so i was wondering, how would i go about trying to contact them?
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    Default Re: How to get somebody's attention

    If your fellow forumite has enabled the receive Email feature you could try to send him an Email through the forum.

    If PM/Email does not work you could also check if said user has some other contact information available on his profile page.

    Other than that you are out of luck. (You could try to post in a thread that user is active. Though if you don't do anything else than trying to contact a certain user, that is imo not a good post to make, because it hasn't anything to do with the thread itself.)

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    Default Re: How to get somebody's attention

    Sheriff: As mentioned above, check the poster's profile page. It will offer the chance to email the poster, if they've chosen to be emailed by other posters, and whatever other contact info they've decided to share. Beyond that, if someone has elected to be harder to contact, there isn't much we can do about that.
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