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    Default Amnesia Campaign in Pathfinder. Suggestions for it would be nice.

    First off, this is just a concept right now, but I want to eventually make it into a campaign.

    You awaken on a desolate field. The air smells of blood and ash. There are dead bodies scattered about. You look around to see others waking up as well. After talking with them, you all come to realize none of you remember anything from your life. You have no possessions, other than some basic clothing. There is however a box lying on the ground that has "Open Me" written on it.

    One of the members of your group slowly reaches for the box and opens it up. Inside is a steel dagger, a compass, a canteen, 200 gold pieces, and a note, which simply says "Trust No One".

    Have I got you hooked? Well anyways, the world is going to be loosely based off of The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask, as well as Ocarina of Time, and Wind Waker (if they decide to go sailing), and it's a lot larger, and it's not a Legend of Zelda Homebrew or anything, just basing my world off of the games. They start at the parody of Ikana Canyon. Sailing at the Great Bay parody leads to Wind Waker parody. Unlike in the Zeldaverse version of things, going through MM's Lost Woods, instead of the Clock Tower, leads to OoT's Lost Woods. I'll probably make the Clock Tower parody be based off of something else entirely, like maybe Devil May Cry 3's Temen-Ni-Gru.

    Now I just need ideas for the campaign.

    Well, as a concept, how does it seem so far? I'd like opinions on this. And I'd appreciate any suggestions.
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