For anyone who doesn't know what the Camphill foundation is, obligatory link is
Now here's what's up: I am going to volunteer for a year with special needs. I've decided to go to a camphill and I have been theoretically accepted to two places: Duffcarrig and Mountshannon, both in Ireland. Now, I'm pretty scared of finding myself in a bad place, and I've heard that some camphills aren't great. Does anyone in the forum have any experience with them and can share?
In the past I've worked in Kfar Rafael ( in Israel, which is an experience I highly recommend to anyone who wants to try something new for a year. If anyone wants to know more I will gladly talk to them.
I realize this sort of thing is a long shot but I am very leery of the prospect of finding myself stuck in a place where the only thing keeping me there is my ideology.