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    Default Friend Needs Medical Attention, Hospital Being Useless

    Hey Playground, I really need some help here. My friend is in a bad way, and I need to know if there's anything I can do to help. I'm an hour and a half away so I haven't seen him in person. Let me describe the situation.

    Last week my friend's back began to hurt to the point where he couldn't move, he couldn't walk straight and was slurring his words. This persisted from Monday into Tuesday, giving him continuing back pain and he couldn't walk normal until Friday. Just yesterday he had another "attack" so to speak, and he claims the pain is unbearable. He claims he can't speak, and cant move anything below his waist.

    The first time it happened, he went to the ER, they told him their best guess was that he was dehydrated. He says he went twice after that, but they still gave him the same song and dance, with some Hydrocodone on the side (he claims it didn't help the pain hardly at all). They are taking forever to schedule his MRI, who knows if he'll even get one.

    He's one of the nicest guys I know, and I'm 100% sure he isn't exaggerating anything, he says he's crying himself to sleep every night. He lives in a very poor neighborhood, known for being filled with methheads and hillbillies, adding that for possible relevance. Oddly they tested him for several drugs when he was first admitted, but I don't know if that's common procedure or what.

    I really need some advice, I'm at a loss as to what I can do, so the playground seemed like the most helpful place. If asking questions would help you give advice please do so.
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    Default Re: Friend Needs Medical Attention, Hospital Being Useless

    We're really not supposed to give advice.
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    Default Re: Friend Needs Medical Attention, Hospital Being Useless

    Is there a different hospital he could reasonably go to for a second opinion?

    Can't really say anything that doesn't amount to "see a professional" without breaking forum rules here.
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    Default Re: Friend Needs Medical Attention, Hospital Being Useless

    Great Modthulhu: Indeed. 'Get a second opinion' is the only advice anyone here can give you without breaking the Rules. Sorry. Hopefully your friend will be okay.
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