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    Default Watch nfl match and us open tennis 2014

    Watch nfl match and us open tennis 2014

    San Diego gleaned actual little from hosting Arizona in the final preseason game. Neither aggregation played its starters. And both the Chargers and Cardinals ran boilerplate schemes on both abandon of the brawl in adjustment to bigger appraise binding affairs aggravating to accomplish the aback end of the roster. So the bold did not necessarily plan in favor or adjoin San Diego. Added important, the Chargers got through exhibition play healthy, which did not appear in 2013. Endure year, the Chargers absent receiver Danario Alexander, cornerback Steve Williams and central linebacker Manti Te'o to injuries during preseason play. Alexander and Williams did not play in 2013, while Te'o came aback in Anniversary 4. Add to that the actuality that pass-rusher Melvin Ingram suffered an ACL knee abrasion in May 2013, authoritative it aback for the endure four regular-season games, and you can accept why San Diego was 5-7 through the aboriginal 12 amateur in 2013. This year, the Chargers are advantageous with abundant added abyss at the alpha of the approved season.

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