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    Default Story Idea: Person From Actual Medieval Ages Transported Into DnD World

    I have an idea:

    A person like a knight or something, from like the real world medieval ages being somehow transported into a Dungeons and Dragons world with all its nonsense on display. The story then proceeds to demonstrate how different the worlds are, partly to show how unlike the medieval ages DnD really is, and partly to show its lack of realism can actually be a good thing and thus show why we don't be more accurate to actual medieval ages.

    but first, I'll have to get the best possible picture of what a person-probably a knight type of guy or other person who actually knows how to fight-would be like and what they would find different and nonsensical about the DnD world they find themselves in. can anyone give me information upon that?
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    Default Re: Story Idea: Person From Actual Medieval Ages Transported Into DnD World

    I know enough to say "be more specific." The medieval period covers about a millennium over most of a continent. A person from fifth century England will dress, think, and act differently than a person from, say, fifteenth century Venice. Once you have a better idea, you can start researching that period specifically.

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