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    Default Rebuilding my dice collection

    Apologies in advance for being new: I was looking here for a board dedicated to gaming hardware and wasn't able to find one. However, I might be going in a custom direction to solve my problem, so I'd probably end up here eventually.

    My big bag o' dice (along with every other 'nerd' thing) was thrown away by my ex several years ago. I'm finally at a place where I can get back into the tabletop habit and it's time to rebuild my collection, but I don't want just any dice. My brother got me a chessex sampler when he heard I was coming back, so my basic weekly needs are covered, but I want the rest of my dice to be glorious. I want hardware that's as joyous as I feel being able to play and be myself again. So, with that in mind, can anyone give me suggestions for weird, cool, unique dice?

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    Default Re: Rebuilding my dice collection

    Check out They make some pretty cool stuff, such as Dragon's dice: made of solid metal
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