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    Default Kickstarters and advertising

    Hey, folks. Just here to ask how the no-advertising rule fits with Kickstarters.

    There's a kickstarter that I really want to see succeed at the moment, so I'm trying to link it wherever people who might appreciate it spend their time; I was thinking of putting a link to it into my signature.

    However, I'm a bit fuzzy on how that works with the no-advertising rule. So if I could get a ruling, that'd be great, thanks.
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    Default Re: Kickstarters and advertising

    There are specific Kickstarter threads, one in Games (Other), and one in Media Discussions, for posting Kickstarter links. Each has a set of rules for the thread that if you follow, allows you to promote Kickstarter campaigns, whether your own or for others.
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    Default Re: Kickstarters and advertising

    Sheriff: What ^ said. Please find the Kickstarter thread in the relevant section and post there, following the rules for said thread. If you can't find one in the section where you think it belongs, PM the moderators for that section and ask if there is one, and if not, whether they could start one.
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