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    Default Can I post this in Gaming (Other)?

    I want to make an encouragement for players to join Overkill Software's Crimefest for PAYDAY 2 on Steam. The problem is, I'm almost certain it qualifies as an advert since a post I got for Battlefield 4 Beta I made the last year, locked.

    Since I'm sure posting just Crimefest itself would be a rule break for adverts, I was pondering just showing PAYDAY 2 and its gameplay, but throwing in Crimefest in it. I've done a similar thing for an Indiegogo project in Mad Science and Grumpy Technology

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    Default Re: Can I post this in Gaming (Other)?

    Having looked at the thread in question, I believe it was done by mistake. Likely because there were a lot of spambots that day and it looked like one of the spam threads. Discussing an event which you have no stake in, other than participating yourself and wanting others to participate with you, is generally fine.

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