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    Default My Best Friend is an Elf Ghost. Shadow of Mordor Thread! (Spoilers)

    I just finished a binge on shadow of mordor over the past three days and finished it this morning with just about everything optional done and I gotta was pretty damn good.

    The nemesis system was pretty dang good with many actually surprising encounters that evolved over the course of the game. This game MAKES you hate certain orcs, perhaps they get lucky, or you get surrounded and killed or they manage to run away successfully.

    Game play is smooth, flowing, and a beauty to behold. The controls can seem clustered and confusing at first but fortunately the game does have a list of tutorials that will helpfully be there if you forget exactly how to do something. Something that was VERY surprising that in the entire game over a course of about 25 hours I found ZERO major bugs. No game crashes or broken quests.

    Difficulty. Not that hard for me, I did die several times but mostly due to my own mistakes. After reviving and going back I can usually approach the mission from a different angle and beat it.

    Voice acting is absolutely incredible. Most orc sound different and every captain/war chief has their own special intro/taunt which can be modified if they killed you/ran away/ if you burned them or shot them in the eye. All the main characters sound good and no one is phoning it in.

    Story....this is where the game is rather unimaginative, man has family, evil guy kills family, man goes out to get revenge. However the way they approach this cliche story does redeem it somewhat. This game was very good at showing you how much he loved his family instead of just telling you, which makes it even the more heart breaking to watch your son and wife get their throats cut right in front of you.

    Worst parts though. By the end of the game you are an avatar of death and little to nothing can stop you. The collectables have no determinable effect from getting the whole set and are just a way to gain some extra XP. The ending is by far the worst thing about the game. Its a frigging QTE event, you press 3 buttons and the big bad you have been chasing all this time is dead. Then they have that stupid mass effect 3 thing where it drops you right back into the game and suggests that you wait for DLC.

    All in all, a good game for at least one play through. After that things may get rather boring. The game is all about killing orcs and while it does that very well, thats ALL it does and it does get tiring after a few dozen hours. I would recommend this about half a year when it goes on sale. Don't bother getting it asap. Wait for game of the year edition and at least a 25-50% sale.
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