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    Default As seen in Minecraft

    As most know Minecraft has a graffiti banner on the startup screen. Mine today, "Haley Loves Elan!" Yep, that Haley and Elan.

    Yes, the OOTS has become so big culturally speaking that it is now Minecraft graffiti (at least on the Xbox version). So is that an ad paid for by OOTS or are the Minecraft folks just big fans of the comic? I'm wagering on the second.

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    Default Re: As seen in Minecraft

    That's been in there for a long, long time, and I'm pretty sure all those quotes on the Minecraft load screen are stuff that Notch and the Mojang crew put in for gits and shiggles. I mean, think about it--it would be a pretty crappy paid ad to just have some text saying "Haley loves Elan!" with no context or clue as to where it comes from, wouldn't it? It would be like an ad for a washing powder that showed a picture of the box so blurred you couldn't actually read the brand.

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    Default Re: As seen in Minecraft

    Minecraft's splash screens are like that, ripe of references to internet culture.

    so you're telling me this isn't a spambot thread?

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    Default Re: As seen in Minecraft

    Notch is or has been a fan of The Order of Stick. In fact, in some early drafts of Minecraft it was called Minecraft: the Order of the Stone, though that was quickly dropped.

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