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    Default holy bot spam batman

    So it appears someone is setting up bots to spam the ever loving hell out of the boards with links to streaming services. At time of writing there are seven spam threads in gaming(other), out side of trying to report each thread is there a way to help combat this? is there a bulk report button?
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    Default Re: holy bot spam batman

    No bulk report, so as usual: no responding, only reporting. It is a little tedious to do it one by one, but especially if it's the same spambot, I think mods will get the point with just one report.
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    Default Re: holy bot spam batman

    Fear not, brave citizens, I have removed the spam. The city is safe once more. *poses heroically*

    But seriously, if you see any spam, report it. There is no bulk report function. It will get dealt with as soon as possible, and reporting it will expedite that process. If you report one thread from a spambot that has posted many threads, it will usually be enough (as FinnLassie said), but if you notice that most of them went away while a few remained, please report those as well.

    That should clear things up. Closed.
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