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    I actually made this account specifically to do what I'm about to do here. It was on this website that I read the most intense amazing tabletop RPG story I've ever seen. There are some good ones out there, but this one was the best, I don't know exactly where it is now, but it's one that I'll hold with me forever. That said, since I read that game log I started my own game...well, several, but this is the one that went somewhere. It's still in progress and if I don't get around to updating it or the game gets canceled before it concludes I'll try to make sure I remove this thread if I can to not waste your time. I wanted to share what we've done in any case. Yes, I label my campaign sections as chapters, try not to hold that against me, when I started this I didn't expect it to go that far so I wanted some clear break points to discuss player issues. If there's something I can do to make this thread better let me know and I'll edit it.

    Also a bit of a warning, the section right here was when we started this game running a module called Falcon Hollow's Last Hope. Things aren't exactly the same as that module, but spoilers just in case.

    Chapter One: The Blackswords.

    The extremely generic campaign of boring genericness began in a mercenary camp nestled at the base of the Kobold Mountains. This camp is home to our unlikely heroes, three mercenaries in the lowest ranking squads there are, Omega Squads. They're the guys at the bottom who handle all the work any thug can handle, mostly caravan escorts or guard duty to scare off petty thieves.

    First was Puck, their marksman and guide to the woods was a quick witted jokester. Puck was raised in a colony in the kobold mountains. As a child puck was pushed by his father who demanded absolute perfection. His father routinely verbally abused him as he pushed the child to be the best hunter in their colony, teaching him to shoot when he was young and pulling him out on hunts entirely too early. Puck grew resentful of constantly being told what was right and how he should be, so he ran away from his colony and join the Blacksword Mercenary Company.

    Second was Timur, their fearless armored swordsman who pushed himself to the front lines to strike down his foes. Timur was born into a powerful group known a The Commune to parents who were the personal honour guard of one of their highest leaders. His memories of his childhood were hazy, but he remembered that his parents had done something terrible and he had become treated like a fiend. His face was branded with a permanent mark and tired with his treatment he fled, leaving the commune behind and joining the Blackswords.

    Finally the leader of her Omega squad was Fae, their leader and knife throwing guide to the city. Fae never knew her parents, and like many children living on the streets of the enormous city, she turned to crime. Initially she was caught and put down, a lack of skill or strength leading to her certain death in a back alley. Fortunately though a stronger, older, orcish orphan took her in. Bella'kor trained her in burglary and cons, teaching her the harsh lessons of the streets that toughened her for her brutal existence. As she grew she picked up the skills quickly, becoming arrogant and overconfident as she excelled past her peers. Eventually though, scraping along to get by wasn't enough, she was good enough to be something more, someone people wanted to steal from, someone with power. So she said her goodbyes to Bella'kor, stole the life savings of a local gang leader out of his safe and put a crossbow bolt in him, then took off for the Blackswords, where she vowed to get to the top.

    As the game started, Fae's squad was given an opportunity to prove themselves. Instead of the usual simple caravan escort, they were assigned to head to Falcon's Hollow, a small logging town, to investigate why Lord Tiberius's lumber shipments had stopped. They met with Lord Tiberius of the commune, who requested a priestess in training named Delphie go with them. Soon after they arrived at their destination their investigations uncovered that the town had come down with some sort of terrible illness. In order to talk to the town alchemist, Puck was told he would have to wait in a line. This was, apparently, unacceptable. These people needed to be saved right now, so he threatened to kill everyone in the town, that way he could talk to the alchemist about a cure. This was clearly insane, but luckily the other members of his group talked him down and they waited instead.

    The alchemist unfortunately didn't have an actual cure, but was selling medicine to try and relieve the symptoms. Eventually Fae got her to admit that she had a book with a "possible" cure, but couldn't try it because she was missing several ingredients. Puck was well aware of where such ingredients could be found in the forest, so the group struck out, finding the largest tree in the forest. Fae and Puck climbed into the tree to gather the leaves. In the tree Puck noticed some bodies and decided to loot them as fast as possible, but when Puck approached a beast struck from above. In an instant it leaped across the branches and slashed Fae's stomach open, wounding her severely. Fae, backed into a corner, jumped off the tree. Down below Timur caught the girl and set her down with his shield, promising he'd be back to help her. He then climbed into the tree, where he helped Puck drive off the beast. Timur fought expertly, and the only wound he received was when Puck shot him in the back accidentally. With a bagful of leaves the two got out of the tree and helped Fae to her feet, assisting her in staggering back to the town. Once inside they got her to Delphie, who looked after her for the night, using her fledgling priest magic to heal up Fae's wounds. Touched by Delphie's gentleness and kindness Fae developed a liking for the young priestess. She would spend the remainder of nights here and the eventual ride back getting to know the girl.

    The next day they traveled out to an abandoned monastery Puck had learned of where they might be able to find some special mushrooms. They crept through the building until they accidentally stumbled into a room filled with tiny flesh eating bats. Fae and Puck swiftly evaded the creatures, but Timur, his armour and shield useless, was swarmed with the little bastards. They bolted across the courtyard half dragging the cut apart bleeding man and barred themselves inside a sealed room. They quickly stripped him of his armor and started pulling tiny bats off of him and making bandages to staunch the bleeding. Eventually, battered and broken, Timur's condition stabilized. They rested here for the rest of the night, waiting until they were certain the bats had all gone. Unfortunately, Timur had contracted the plague earlier, and now confined with the rest of the party, infected everyone. The next day they returned to camp, Fae took Timur to Delphie for healing while Puck decided to steal the boots off of the pile of bodies that had died from the plague. This angered some of the villagers and confused the GM.

    With their strength failing further every day from their disease they hurried back to the monastery, avoiding the bats and instead finding two wolves, who they slew. They then found a wolf as big as a horse, and soon discovered that it was intelligent creature named Greypelt and considered this place it's home. The wolves they killed were hunters who helped him and guarded his things while he was away, including his mushrooms. The group struck a bargain with the wolf and hunted down and brought back alive two more wolves to replace the ones they killed and were given some mushrooms as payment.

    With one ingredient left to go and the plague taking them by the day they left the next day for a small witch's cottage. When they arrived the door was barred and no one would answer. Eventually they went to plan F and smashed in the door, finding a thin robed man, barricaded in the corner with a crossbow pointed at them. This was Daedrick, a man who had lived alone in these woods with his mother for most of his life, helping with her garden and negotiating with Greypelt who was a landlord of sorts. Since his mother's death Greypelt had told him he was to leave his woods, but he knew of nowhere else and resolved to make his last stand here. Fae talked him down, explaining that they were not Greypelt's assassins, but people looking to cure a plague. Daedrick's mother kept all her witching stuff underground behind a locked door and Daedrick didn't have a key. Fae's lockpicks made quick work of the door and Daedrick was given his inheritance minus the ingredients they needed. When they touched the ingredients however, a cauldron came to life in the center of the room and began assaulting the group. Their weapons had little effect on the floating dome of metal, so eventually they resorted to locking it back it the room and running. The cauldron followed them all the way out the door and across a field, but once they reached the forest it went back. Daedrick, with nowhere to go and nothing to return to, joined up with the party, who agreed to take him to the Blackswords.

    They got the ingredients back and the potions worked, healing everyone still alive of their sickness. On the ride back to their camp Fae propositioned Delphie for a possible long term relationship. Delphie was on her way to becoming a full priestess now that she had some field experience so she would have to stay at Lord Tiberius's camp, but she wasn't opposed to the idea. The group collected the reward money from Lord Tiberius, said their goodbyes, and returned to their camp. Captain Algrim, impressed with their work, promoted Fae to a squadmate in gamma squad, promoted Timur to leader of the omega squad, and gave Timur's team Daedrick as a replacement. With new positions, money, and new relationships aplenty, the group sat back contented at their accomplishments this week.
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    Default The Sin Tax part 2

    Okay. That first chapter was a module. Upon the module's completion I set the game down, thanked everyone for their participation and agreed that it was fun to play. After all my, last several campaigns crashed and burned badly. The story was over, we got our happy ending, it was time to do something else. The players though, they enjoyed it and wanted it to continue, not seeing a reason we had to without a module I agreed to extend the story a touch farther. Based on my previous issues however, I resolved that I could and WOULD run a simple, pleasant campaign.

    Chapter 2: The Kobold

    Our sessions picked up with our heroes one week after the events of Falcon's Hollow. Daedrick had settled in as a regular, training under Timur's watchful eye. Aside from their new ranks everything had gone pretty much back to normal.

    Fae met up with her new team. A stern bald man named stone was her leader, and her squadmate was a young long haired doofus named Volour. People had warned Fae to watch out for Volour, he was freshly promoted to gamma squad too. They said he was unreliable, a heroin addict, and was somehow the only one to come back from the last mission alive. While wary, other than his near constant smoking habit he seemed virtually harmless.

    Soon Fae was aroused from her rest by Stone, who told her they had a job. A mission posted by the Merchant Prince's organization. The Merchant Prince was a very important client to the Blackswords, as nearly every trade caravan running through these parts was owned by him. If he chose to switch mercenary companies, the camp stood to lose a lot. Recently those caravans were being harassed more and more by factions of kobolds. It had gotten to the point that someone had decided to look into this. Apparently the kobold were being rallied behind some religious figure calling himself "The Prophet". Their mission was simple, find The Prophet, and kill him.

    Meanwhile, Timur's team was assigned their first mission. Lord Tiberius was pleased with their work at Falcon's Hollow, so he specifically requested their team again. The three arrived at Lord Tiberius's camp and Timur met Lord Tiberius for the first time. Lord Tiberius was tall and strong, and was a human-snow leopard hybrid wearing expensive platemail. See in this world the suffix Lord doesn't refer to a noble, but Lord in the divine sense. The members of The Commune believe that the gods they worship sometimes infuse part of themselves inside mortal beings, transforming them into demigods with heads of either lions or snow leopards, depending on which god they were.

    Once Timur met with Lord Tiberius he was informed that he was being extremely rude with his insistence on wearing his helmet in Lord Tiberius's presence, essentially on holy ground. When Timur removed his helmet though Lord Tiberius flew into a rage, casting Timur out of the tent for being so brazen as to actually stand in Tiberius's presence. The marking on Timur's face denoted him as an unholy man, not fit to enter holy ground and especially not to talk with their god directly. Instead, Puck stepped up to handle negotiations.

    Lord Tiberius's camp was a camp he was forging in the wilderness, inside of a zone with a heavy restriction on the number of soldiers. As such, he left his son behind where he could be more assured protection. With the lumber finally coming in the camp was quickly gaining fortified wooden walls and the wildlife was kept at bay. Lord Tiberius had finally sent for his son, Belan. The child was coming up on the last leg of the trip, and while Lord Tiberius had some of his own men to send, he felt it would be good to have some added protection.

    The group set off for the town, only to be assaulted by a kobold ambush along the way. Puck was on lookout and actually saw the attack coming, but decided he'd prefer to get a shot off during the surprise round than forgo the surprise round to warn his friends.

    The attack was swift and brutal. The kobold started out strong, firing from trenches they dug on the side of the road and raining down molatovs on the caravan. Everything caught fire and people took a few hits. Soon most of the team hung back, focusing their fire on the kobolds that lit molatovs. Timur got into the trenches and started tearing through the enemy, forcing them into a retreat.

    Once the fight was over they tried to save the carriage,but it was too late and soon it was reduced to ashes. Puck helped the guards track down the horses while Timur had a talk with Daedrick. During the battle Daedrick had used magic to dispatch some of the enemies, this was a problem, a big one. As Timur explained magic only comes from two sources, the gods of The Commune: Luna and Solaris, and from demons. His magic clearly didn't come from Luna or Solaris, so Timur surmised that it could only be demonic magic. Demons are insanely dangerous creatures and the more you use their magic the closer they come to this world. In fact, fifty years ago the gnoll had summoned a demon and it reduced an empire down to a single massive city called the Golden City, the one where Fae grew up. Timur forbid Daedrick from using those powers again near commune members. While he personally understood the unfair persecution the commune was capable of he didn't want them getting upset or trying to execute Daedrick for witchcraft. Grudgingly Daedrick agreed, though insisting neither he nor his mother did anything deserving of this treatment.

    When they arrived at the town they found that it had also been attacked, several buildings were burned down and many children and elderly had been captured, naturally Belan was among them. After asking around for a bit they found out what happened. The kobold normally traveled in small groups and fought simple cowardly fights using traps and sneak attacks, this time was different. Five hundred or so kobold with crude weapons gathered in a clearing off to one side of the town outside of archer range. They started yelling and moving closer, then backing up. The townsfolk, afraid of the sudden strangely aggressive behavior rallied everyone who could fight, keeping the young, old, and sick back while they prepared behind their walls. Once their guard was focused on their enemy a second group of kobold moved in on the other side. They used grappling hooks to get over the walls and used crossbow volleys to pick off anyone who opposed them. They moved into the town quietly and stole everything they could, weapons, food, flammable liquor. They even had a team pick the locks on the town hall and steal the town's treasury. Then they forced all the women and children into the carriages at bowpoint, set fire to everything and rode out the front door. Their strike carried military precision, they were in and out in ten minutes, and no one even knew it was happening until it was over. As soon as the carriages left the hundreds of kobold who had threatened the town simply turned tail and left.

    The people still left in the town were in shock that this could even happen. A kobold military strike is like a feline pool party, technically the words make sense, but it doesn't seem like a thing. The group decides they need to mount a rescue mission to bring back Belan but no one wants to help. This town is on it's last legs and it needs everyone it can get to deal with the food shortage while someone requisitions supplies from another town. Going after kobold to mount a rescue mission seems pointless, they don't take prisoners.

    Daedrick...ugh...Daedrick. Okay, Daedrick went to the lunar church and specifically asks for a female priest for these three mercenary men to take into the woods. I don't think I need to point out why specifically asking for a woman gave it this edge of maliciousness the church didn't like. The group received no aid from the church after that and wandered aroundlooking for clues about where the kobold could have gone. Eventually, while talking to the town's hunters Puck mentioned that he was a very good hunter, and they all mocked him for not being able to track an entire army of kobold without their help.

    So with Puck leading the way they traveled into the woods and up the mountains for days following kobold tracks. Eventually the tracks split off with most of them going one way, and a few of them going another way, a single set of child's footprints going with them. The group reasoned that if they singled one child out it was either Belan, being the most important, or a different child that was being singled out for danger. Either way, they traveled after the smaller group.

    Soon they found a cave with the sound of drumbeats coming from it. Inside were thirty kobald, dancing around an altar and a cauldron. Tied to the altar was an unconscious boy and standing over him with a kriss and a staff. Some of them beat their drums, most of them sang an incoherent song.

    The group leaped into action, Timur stood at the entrance with his sword and shield drawn, Puck started raining down arrows from behind and Daedric got ready for something. Puck missed, a lot. Nearly every arrow missed, and the ones that hit did a single point of damage. In fact, his aim was so off that he shot Timur, twice. Timur on the other hand was a beast. The kobold couldn't hit him for anything. He covered himself in blood as he cut them down one after another. At some point, they panicked and just started trying to run past him screaming for help, he cut them down where they stood. One kobold made it past Timur and Daedrick chased it down in the woods, hitting it with a sleep spell, then spent the rest of the fight tying up the kobold. Eventually the kobold shaman got a clear shot and pounded Timur with a beam spell that hurt like crazy. So, ignoring the stray attacks he rushed down the open line and slammed into the shaman, killing him in one hit and sending him toppling into the cauldron.

    The kobold forces broken and whatever was left running in retreat Timur got to the child, cutting it's ropes free. Before they could leave through an orange creature as large as Timur burst out of the cauldron, screaming at Timur "What have you done to me! What AM I?" He and Timur clashed in confrontation. Timur's swing went wide, then this thing grew a long orange spike from one of his fingers that slipped past Timur's defenses and stabbed him. For a moment all looked lost, Puck couldn't hit anything and Timur was gravely wounded. This thing, whatever it was, was far more than a mere kobold. If Timur fell here, the game might well be lost. Then Daedrick finally got back to the cave, took one look at the situation, and cast sleep.

    I sat there looking over my notes, looking at the big boss battle of this section. I didn't make this thing immune to sleep, and it's will saves were it's worst stat. It was also exactly strong enough to be affected by a sleep spell. So, I rolled, and the thing fell over and passed out. Everyone sat there for a minute, in disbelief that that actually worked. Eventually Puck someone asked what to do, and Timur's answer was, they take the kid and run...they skipped my boss battle by slipping him a roofie and running away. Somehow, I wasn't ready for that.

    The group traveled out into the woods with the child and the tied up kobold. Occasionally the kobold would wake up and ask what they wanted from him, Daedrick would beat it into unconsciousness. Eventually it stopped asking, but if Daedrick even suspected it of being awake he would beat it into unconsciousness. The child they had wouldn't wake up, and they actually didn't know if it was Belan, as it turns out they never actually got a description. Still, they decided to cut their losses and get back to town. Timur was hurt, and the kobolds knew they were there. If this wasn't Belan, there wasn't much they felt they could do about it by themselves.

    That night they were resting, Timur was on watch. Out of the sky a kobold in fine orange silken clothing dropped like a meteor into the camp and slammed into the ground. Timur leaped to his feet and pulled out his sword, demanding to know who this kobold was.

    "The Prophet."

    The Prophet hit Timur with a shockwave of force, sending him sprawling into the dirt, unconscious. Puck, came out of his tent bow drawn and snapped off a flurry of arrows that bounced harmlessly off of an invisible shield. After a beam of frost drove Puck back he threw down his bow, surrendering to the kobold. Daedrick picked up the battered tied up kobold and put a knife to his throat. The Prophet's hand filled with fire as he stared Daedrick down saying the loss of a single kobold was little to him, he had thousands, but Daedrick had the one life he was throwing away now. With that Daedrick decided to drop the kobold and start throwing fire. He actually scored a hit, but with breakneck speeds The Prophet zipped across the battlefield and jumped on Daedrick, pumping him with so much lighting that Daedrick simply dropped the the ground, smoke streaming from his twitching unconscious body.

    We came back in with Daedrick, a bag over his head and bindings around his wrists, being forced to march. Someone even cracks out the back of his legs with a stick and drops him into the mud, only to force him back up and push him onward. He is pushed into a wooden cage and left. Soon Timur and Puck help him remove the bag and his restraints. They are positioned in a secret kobold military camp. Around them carriages are maintained, weapons are being cared for, and hundreds of kobold practice combat drills. The three of them are stuck in a cage with all the elderly and children. They find out the child they rescued was in fact Belan, who is now awake and doing fine. Also with them, is Fae, who is in utter disbelief that they managed to get captured. When they point out she was captured she explains to them what she'd been up to.

    After being assigned the assassination mission the three of them tracked down the kobold, eventually finding this camp. After a week of watching they found out The Prophet returns here every three days. When prisoners started coming in without being hurt they decided on a course of action. Fae allowed herself to be captured with tight leather armor under her clothing, concealed shivs and a set of lockpicks. When The Prophet showed, Stone and Volour would create distractions and chaos, fire, startling the horses and stuff. As soon as the chaos starts she would pick the lock, put a shiv in the back of The Prophet's head and steal one of the modified metal plated cartridges to break out. Her biggest concern was that Volour would take out The Prophet first and steal the glory since he planned to set up in a sniper position during this fiasco.

    After they told her The Prophet has vast magical powers and beat the three of them by himself she agreed it might be best to abort the plan. If nothing else the client didn't pay enough to have a high powered mage assassinated. Still, there was no way for her to signal her team, so if they wanted out before The Prophet got back they'd have to do it on their own. Since Timur was the only one who spoke their language he distracted the guards, getting them yelling at him while Fae picked the lock and took off for one of the buildings. The guard yelled out and the whole camp converged on her, drawing all their attention away from the prisoners. Timur picked up the padlock and used it to bash in one of the guard's faces. With a quick fight they dropped the rest and took their shortspears, covering the children and elders as they got them into the carriage. Once inside Daedrick suggested leaving Fae behind to make an easier escape, because he's a ****.

    The building was surrounded by kobold, but soon a carriage plowed through their ranks squishing kobold and sending them flying. As they passed the building Fae took a running leap out the window, landing on the back of the carriage as they tore off. They raced out of the camp as fast as they could, but soon victory turned to ask in their mouths as the kobold armies gave chase, two wagons and came after them, as well as a handful of trained dog riders. They were quickly overtaken since their carriage had the added weight of an armoured chassis, millitary supplies, and twenty civilians. Quickly they searched the supplies, but didn't find any proper armor. All they had was kobold sized weapons. Puck took up a shortbow, Timur a shortsword and buckler, and Fae got a belt of daggers. Daedrick found a box with twenty random potions. We ended with them staring down the overwhelming enemy force.

    I know how long this is, but give me a moment. The next section is one I could leave out. Honestly, it's not even in cannon with our current game. But...whenever my group talks about chapter one we laugh about the bats and the threatening to kill everyone to save everyone, and Greypelt shouting "Bring me BITCHES!". When we talk about chapter two, we don't remember the epic battles, or slipping my boss monster a roofie. Everything is overshadowed by this thing that made us so angry we retconed the game and...I'll talk about that when I finish.

    Between sessions the players called eachother, preparing for the confrontation that would make or break this chapter. They set up a formation where Daedrick would stay in the carriage and fire out of an arrow slit. Fae would protect their driver and horses, Puck would start shooting out the oncoming kobold, taking out horses if he could, and Timur would stand between the kobold and Puck, making it harder to hit Puck while Timur focused on defense. If the kobold boarded he would engage them. Arrowfire between the racing carriages would be at a -8 because of the constantly shifting ground, giving the kobold the advantage based on the sheer volume of arrows they could launch. Daedrick would be by a window and pass up potions if things got bad. They hoped the potions would be healing potions. The next session, their plan set, we sat down to play.

    As they watched the oncoming forces a figure in dark robes with red eyes and flames streaking off of him appeared to Timur. The figure claimed he was the demon of wrath, he would only ask Timur let him in, and he would help destroy his enemies. Timur refused, but the figure persisted, asking if it was truly fair that Timur risk the lives of helpless civilians just so he didn't have to do something he was uncomfortable with. That took longer, but eventually he decided he wouldn't fall prey to demons like his parents did, the path to hell is paved with good intentions.

    With his answer the battle finally began the carriages approached, Puck scored a few hits, but not many and the kobold got off a lucky shot, sinking an arrow deep into Timur's chest. In pain Timur and puck dropped back, asking for a potion. Daedrick's player crossed his arms and said, "I never told them about the potions." I told him we could retcon it in, he refused. "I hide the potions from the group, they're mine." We stared in disbelief, but eventually the battle continued.

    Timur was the first to die, he took down a few after they boarded, but there were too many and eventually one got lucky and stuck him through the gut with a spear.

    Next came Puck. After Timur fell there was nothing to hold them back, Puck was overrun in seconds, drowning beneath a sea of spearpoints and blood.

    Fae had been most effective, she'd jumped onto the enemy's horses when they got close enough and cut one of them free. She rode beside the carriage while the kobold wagon fell behind.

    Daedrick, seeing Timur and Puck dying, took his box of potions and decided to jump onto the horses of their own carraige, ready to cut them free. The civilians he sacrificed would keep the kobold busy long enough for him to escape with his loot. His jump was terrible, he slipped and hit the ground, hurting himself as he avoided the wheels of the carriage. Fae was riding behind the carriage at the time and scooped him up, pulling him onto the horse. As they rode he revealed he had a box of potions and gave her one. It turned out to be a potion of enlarge person and she quickly became too big to ride the horse. As a last desperate attempt she told him to just throw all the potions in her giant mouth. Maybe it would somehow be enough to save them. He told her to go to hell, they were his potions. When she tried to take them by force he hurled them off of the horse and into the dirt, shattering them as the kobold rode past.

    That jackass sat there with his arms crossed and a satisfied grin on his face. Like he'd won, like he'd accomplished something by sinking the entire team by being a ****. We turned on him, demanding to know what his problem was. Honestly, this wasn't the first time he'd screwed with my games, but this was by far the worst incident we'd ever seen. In turn he started blaming each one of us for the failure. It was my fault for throwing too many kobold at them, it was Puck's fault for specializing in range and ignoring melee, it was Timur's fault for not accepting the demon's offer. The bull**** this guy spewed make me want him dead, to this day I have no idea how anyone can have their head so far up their own ass. That night was the last time I ever saw that guy. We used to go out to lunch and the movies and stuff, after that night none of us ever wanted to see him again. Whenever we talk about this section of the campaign all we can remember is the hate. Technically it's not part of the cannon, but not talking about it is like discussing Voyager and not mentioning Threshold.

    The next session we met again, agreeing that the kobold never brought Daedrick to the camp. Timur insisted they wait, but their window of opportunity was closing. They left because they had to, too many people were counting on them to fail here. We ran the fight again, this time with three PC's instead of four. half the potions were healing potions, but the rest had random effects. Timur stood on the carriage, sheathed in radiant light as the spears and arrows were shrugged off, his forcefield protecting him from most hits. The kobold hit him once or twice, but the worst blow he received was when Puck shot him accidentally...again. Puck shrunk down to half his size and turned into a cat-creature. Suddenly his arrows started finding their marks and dropping enemies. Fae turned into a ten foot tall minotaur who started skewering kobolds left and right. Eventually, they damaged the enemy enough that they were forced to fall back, leaving the group victorious.

    They pressed on, taking unexpected backroads with lots of trees overhead to make it hard for The Prophet to hunt them from the air. In the end they made it back to town successfully. They were greeted with a hero's welcome, everyone was delighted to have their people back. The three returned the supplies, taking only horses, replacement weapons and armor, and supplies for the road. They took Belan and traveled back to Lord Tiberius's camp without too much trouble. When Lord Tiberius came Timur turned to leave, but Tiberius stopped him. He made a public apology to Timur for the way he was treated earlier. Whatever his past sins, he has clearly changed. Going above and beyond the call of duty to protect the people in bondage, and his son. He gives Timur a mask called the mask of redemption, an item rarely assigned by a Lord who believes one like Timur has been redeemed.

    He even invites them to a personal dinner that night, and the next day they set out for the Blacksword camp. Once there they explain what happened to Daedrick and why Fae abandoned her mission. Captain Algrim was more than understanding, commending them on making the best of a bad situation. He felt this proved they were a cut above what he once thought. Fae was promoted to gamma squad leader. Timur and Puck both were promoted to gamma squad and put on her team, Fae protested, but couldn't deny that they must have skill to do what they did. Timur and Puck got their pay for a successful mission, and the three finally got a chance to relax.

    Wow. Writing these things takes a long time. I'll probably take a break for a while before putting up the next section. Sorry for being so long winded guys, I'm condensing days worth of play into text and skimming over everything I feel I can. Well, till next time.
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    I'm eager to hear more of this adventure. Thank you for posting it!

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