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    Post Today's strip marks a bit of a milestone (for me, at least)

    I started reading the comic while it was in its hiatus after #484. While I was making my archive binge, I was actually worried that the comic had been finished (since #484 has the rather final-sounding title "At the End of the Day" and it wasn't updating). Of course, it wasn't the end, as I soon realized--much to my relief! Since that time I've been eagerly awaiting each new strip, which has never disappointed. And now we've just seen strip #968--there have been exactly 484 strips since #484. I'm privileged to have been a part of this community for half of the comic's existence, and I'd love to stick around for 484 more strips (or even 968!). But however many more there are to come, I'll be happy to experience them together with all of you. Thanks, Rich, for everything.

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    Default Re: Today's strip marks a bit of a milestone (for me, at least)

    That's pretty cool! I will definitely second the message of thanking The Giant for everything. Since I started reading this at #918, I don't know if we'll ever get to the point were that this is half way, but if we did that would be pretty cool.
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