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    Default Recommendation: Subforums for Homebrew Design

    Hello GITP,

    I visit the Homebrew Design section of the forums very often and with the most recent busrst in 5th ED content I've noticed it's a little tedious to navigate between it and 3.5/3.P content.

    I think separating the Homebrew material into sub-forums might help the organization and the user's ability to look at the material the are looking for.

    Just a small suggestion: thank you for talking the time to review this post.
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    Default Re: Recommendation: Subforums for Homebrew Design

    It is not technically a subforum, but I think you can do what you want/need using the Prefix-system:
    If you click on a prefix, you will switch to a view showing only that prefix. If you want back to the regular view, just click on the prefix again.

    E.g. 3.x Homebrew, 5e Homebrew or Pathfinder Homebrew.

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    Default Re: Recommendation: Subforums for Homebrew Design

    That's actually really useful to know for a variety of things. Thanks!
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