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    Default Lair of the Shadow Queen - SotVD

    "Recently, we've detected greater masses of roaming shadows in the Velvet World, north of the door. We've been keeping an eye on them, and now we've managed to track down where they're coming from. There's a cave we've found, about twenty minutes to the nor-nor-east, that's pinging with masses of shadows. We believe this is their nest."

    "We've decided it needs to be destroyed, or else the shadows are just going to keep spreading. That's what we're up to today. We need a group to move in and scout the caves, see what they can find. Ideally, we'll find some kind of structural weakness, and then we can bring the whole place down with dynamite. Worst case, we have to clear it out by ourselves. Since we're going up against more shadows than usual, you're going to be working in a larger team. I'm taking a second team to secure the entrance, and provide evac if you end up needing it."

    "And I'll be staying in contact from the control room. I'll keep you updated on the situation, so you don't have to worry about being blindsided by anything when you're in there."

    "Alright then, teams, we're moving out!"


    Today, the velvet world has a strange humidity to it, and the noises in the distance seem particularly excited. Despite this, no shadows appear to block the group's progress on their way to the cave. Perhaps they know better than to engage a group of its size. The cave itself appears from the outside as little more than a gap in a rocky rise, the kind of thing that'd only go back a few meters, but a look inside shows it curves away digging deeper into the rock, dissapearing into the darkness of the velvet world.

    "Benjamin, we're at the site. We're beginning the operation."

    "Copy, all instruments are green, proceed at will." Benjamin's voice comes through your headsets as he responds to Alexandra.

    And with that your team enters the cave.


    Inside, strangely, the light from your velvet cards seems to reach further, clearly lighting up the walls of the cave. Perhaps it's just an effect of the light reflecting off the walls, or perhaps the darkness of the velvet world is actually less inside here, but whatever it is, it's a relief to be able to see so clearly, at least for avoiding the stones that litter the ground. Before long, the group comes across a split in the cave passage. Benjamin's voice crackles over your communicators.

    "I'm detecting that both paths continue for a while, possibly even meeting up later. Looks like there's shadows on both paths too..."

    "Alright, you heard him!" Alexander speaks over your communicators too, giving instructions, "We can't risk shadows wrapping around and cutting off your escape, so you're going to need to split up. If one team gets overwhelmed, we'll give the order for both teams to retreat. Benjamin, any info that might help organise their teams?"

    "Negative, the readings are pretty similar from both passages. I'd recomend a 50/50 split."
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    Default Re: Lair of the Shadow Queen - SotVD

    It's always awkward to strike out with a new team. Ask any military, any deployment. It's strange to be the boot, amidst what Myung-hon assumes has got to be veterans by this point, even if they're not much older than her, if at all.

    She shakes it off quickly, though. Preconceptions are useless. This is a different battlefield, with different allies, and different enemies; different values, different objectives. This is no longer about cutting wires and trawling through the mud, about rolling IDs through the first open window you see. It's no longer just you and the AKM iron sights and the schmuck who wrongly thought that being a military officer would make the difference between food being sent home to a laundry list of names no one cared about and getting gooshed into the ground.

    It's a fresh start.

    "Lyeo Myung-hon,
    Strategic objectives confirmed.
    Moving to Tactical Level 1.
    Starting the Mission.

    The perplexing white-haired girl with the shrine maiden outfit presses onward, low to the ground, darting between crags and crevices, cradling her... shrinely gohei - her purification rod - as if it were an AK, pure-white streamers flowing to either side of her.

    She heads Left.

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    Default Re: Lair of the Shadow Queen - SotVD

    Soga is thoroughly surprised by the reaction. He was curious about his new ally for the whole trip, but now, hearing this, his curiosity gets the bets of him.

    He begins turning to the left as well, although absentmindedly; anyone who thought it better he'd head right, would get a chance to say so.
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    Default Re: Lair of the Shadow Queen - SotVD

    Yumiko briefly considers how someone talked her into going along with this plan as she turns and walks down the right hallway, hands raised defensively as she looks cautiously around the corridor.
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