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    Default How many of the Linear Guilders

    So, the IFCC collects a lot of souls of the deceased. Which, if any, of the Linear Guilders to people think they will end up with? We probably won't know unless we see one of them in one of the IFCC's inbox (other than Sabine, of course, since that one is pretty obvious,) so this is a wild speculation thread.

    I think there is a reasonable chance they will end up receiving Nale, given his close association with Sabine.
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    Ah, so when I'm voting for Zz'dtri I'm secretly voting for Qarr as well. Clever.
    Does that work in reverse? Does Qarr's attachment to Z give the IFCC (probably Nero) get a better chance of getting Z?

    I'm also going to guess that Leeky and Pompey have escaped the clutches of the IFCC. They had very little interaction with the IFCC's plans, and are still alive and doing unrelated things. Also, Hilgya is more likely to end up in Loki's domain than Cedrik's.

    Yakyak is probably safe, too, since he never existed anyways.

    Obviously, Thog has escaped the IFCC's clutches, since he is on the semi-elemental place of Fudge and Sprinkles.
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    If Orcus was a nesting doll, that would certainly make the whole thing work smoother. When you cast a level 1 summoning spell, you summon the little Orcus from the middle, but when you cast Gate, you get the really big Orcus that holds all the small Orcuses.

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    Default Re: How many of the Linear Guilders

    If we are going to see more of the Linear Guild, I think that it is reasonable enough to assume that it will involve the IFCC in some way. Sabine has the most obvious tie and Nale, having recently died, has a far chance of ending up in their clutches, more likely if there is to be some storyline with him and Sabine.

    I feel it is less likely Zz'dtri will show up again. Qarr was really quite as attached to him as Sabine was to Nale, and was really using him more than working with him.

    It is still unknown what Thog's whereabouts are. If he is dead, hopefully he's off playing Candy Land and petting puppies in the Abyss.

    Hilgya, Leeky, and Pompey are almost certainly still alive and, barring any Soul Splices, are safe from the IFCC.
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