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    Default Turning Half-Casting Classes into 8/10 Casting?

    Most half-casting classes are considered quite bad because they require casting and then barely progress it at all. This usually comes as a result of new class features that the designers thought were totally worth replacing spellcasting for (hint: features that worthwhile are pretty close to nonexistent). So I was thinking... Ignoring for the moment that from a technical balance perspective, a half-progressed full caster is probably quite close to the lower tiers in power... If you went through all the half-casting classes in the books, and gave them 8/10 (or 4/5 if it's a 5-leveler) casting progression, would most of them become worth considering, and would this mostly go over without causing gigantic balance problems? I mean, the half-casting classes themselves tend not to even give that exceptional of abilities anyway (though I don't think that's their fault), and I can't personally think of any that would jump out and massacre all the competition with a bit more casting progression, but maybe I've missed some.

    It might or might not be worthwhile to do the same to the ones that don't progress casting at all (but still require it), but that'd likely be more case-by-case.
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    Default Re: Turning Half-Casting Classes into 8/10 Casting?

    Metamind PrC from XPH would be utterly devastating. Especially if it was a StP Erudite/Metamind. 1 encounter per day, completely devastate everything.
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    That's a good point. Nothing in the rules says that objects you use as improvised weapons can't have screaming commoners strapped to them.
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    Barbarians are sweet at first level, especially if the main goal is indiscriminate murder.

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    Default Re: Turning Half-Casting Classes into 8/10 Casting?

    The Warpriest would be a lot more fun as would a lot of the PrCs in Complete Warrior.
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    Default Re: Turning Half-Casting Classes into 8/10 Casting?

    I find 8/10 classes to be viable options for a full caster in mid-op games. (Obviously, in high-op games your best bet as a full caster is to maximise spellcasting.) Whereas I find 5/10 classes to be pretty bad options even in low-op games. I think this is a reasonable fix. Go for it.
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    Default Re: Turning Half-Casting Classes into 8/10 Casting?

    Let's see...

    Master Transmogrifist: It's probably personal bias, but I think this would be an awesome upgrade to an awesome class.

    Swiftblade: This currently has 6/10 casting and it's still considered incredibly powerful.

    Rage Mage: I don't know if 3 extra levels of casting capabilities saves this PrC, but I think it could work out well...especially if the casting class in question had it's casting, like Ur-Priest, or Sublime Chord...or Apostle of Peace. An Apostle of Peace/Rage Mage...

    Anyway, I'll probably have some other ideas later.
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