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    Default Attack Vector Tactical and Squadron Strike, has anyone tried these?

    I hear these are acclaimed simulation space combat games. Anyone tried them? What are they like? Would it be possible to play them in PBP? Is it just me, or are they uncommon to see? I also heard they're somehow related to the Traveller RPG?

    Simulation space combat sounds pretty interesting, and I'm wondering if I should make time to run a game of it.

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    Default Re: Attack Vector Tactical and Squadron Strike, has anyone tried these?

    I actually downloaded the free tutorial/rules intro to AVT and I'd love to buy and play it. But the local warm bodies I have access to won't support that much complexity and actual strategy/realisim.
    AVT is a hardcore realistic space combat simulator. If you know people who complain about SF authors who use stealth spacecraft and ignore relativity then you have people to play with. I don't.

    I think maybe you could run a play-by-email/post game decently. Images would help too, to error check people's boards and confirm positioning. Sadly I lack the time or charisma to organize such an event.
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