So I stumbled upon a game. A game who's DM has graced us with a whole slew of freedom. A game that I've decided to throw away simplicity in the name of Madness. I'm fairly comfortable with my choices thus far and don't think I will change them (tempting as it may be). I also foresee this being one of those once in a lifetime opportunities that when/if the game falls through I'll have to change at least some things to recycle it (most likely being race). For those who want to view them I do have a Google Doc and Google Spreadsheet that I'm tinkering with to make The Dream less of a chaotic mess (the Spreadsheet will most likely be updated after the Doc, since the Doc is the meat and potatoes while the Sheet will be the presentation of such madness).

For those who don't like Google's things the basics are Perfect Hybrid Nightmare Sarlithid Daelkyr Host Ravager 10/Primordialist 2/Madspawn Broodling 8 || Geneticist 7/Graughtsman 3/Biomancer 10. Again, I'm fairly comfortable with these decisions thus far and don't see them changing in the near future. I'm posting this more for general opinion on how crazy it is and the 5(!!) subsystems I see myself wading through. In addition I could use some general help with things like feats.

Right now I'm a Ravager 2/Primordialist 1 || Geneticist 3 with an eye for the World-Breaker Grip and maybe Raging Behemoth Charge (with Stone-Cracking Footfalls) for my Mythos and Casting off Restraint and Unassailable Juggernaut Rancor for my Excellencies. I was going to have my patron being Malfaes and favored be Infernal Monster for Primordialist. My homunculus was going to be maybe (another player insists on me having a tentacle kitty and who am I to disagree with tentacle kitty?). Which leaves Gramarie and Mutations to be hashed out (and Symbiont, Maneuvers, Feats).