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    Default OotS Monologues

    Hi, all. Long story short, I plan on auditioning for a show titled She Kills Monsters at my university in a week or so, and the audition includes a "1-2 minute comedic monologue". Given the show is based on D&D, I felt like a monologue of some sort related to D&D would be great, and Order of the Stick seemed like a perfect fit. I was wondering if anybody could remember any good speeches or monologues that might work well?

    I've currently got three considerations, all from Elan: his speech to the Azurites before the siege, his speech to Banjo asking for mercy from the orc tribe, and his speech to the patrons at the arena in the Empire of Blood. In the past, I used Xykon's speech to the freshly de-powered and invisible V, but I'd rather not re-do that one.

    Currently, I'm leaning towards Elan's speech to Banjo, but any more options would certainly be welcome!
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    Default Re: OotS Monologues

    Villain's monologue are the best ones.

    I checked the ABD monologue but I don't think it fits what you need.

    Elan's one in the Empire of Blood is quite good, but wouldn't you need some introduction for it?
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    Default Re: OotS Monologues

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    Default Re: OotS Monologues

    I always sorta pegged Tarquin's speech to Elan as a monologue, but it's really a conversation.

    My vote, therefore, is for the speech to the Azurite army.
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    Default Re: OotS Monologues

    Xykon start of Darkness if you have it is a great speech.

    It can be found here also:

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