So, as a few of you may know, there is a fairly popular genre of action-adventure fanfiction called "Life is a Game."

Spoiler: For Those Who Need Clarification
This genre involves the main character figuring out that his life thus far has been a game, and that he/she has stats, abilities, perks, etc.

They usually figure this out by dying and coming to a home screen with options and such.

These fanfictions all have seperate systems, seperate abilities, seperate level curves, and seperate characters. Even within the same fandom!

So! I have decided to make a single life-is-a-game system for a single fandom! Then, all of us fanfiction authors can write our own optimizations/stories/alternate universes of that single system!

For now, I would appreciate the help of my fellow forum-goers in determining which fandom to use.

TL;DR: Vote for which fandom you would most want to see as a D&D-like RPG!

  • Harry Potter
  • Naruto
  • RWBY
  • Dice (Manhwa)
  • Dresden Files (Book)
  • Other (just reply with the name of your choice!)

Votes will be tallied in ~ 1 week, so about 4/24.