Zen Archery: At third level, you treat all ranged weapons as Monk weapons, with everything that entails.

Pierce the Void: At sixth level, you may spend 1 Ki point and your bonus action after the result of a ranged weapon attack roll is revealed. If you fail the roll, you may roll a Dexterity check with a DC 18. If you succeed, the attack redirects and hits the target.

Clout Step: At eleventh level, you may make a ranged weapon attack targeting a space on the ground within close range. You may then spend 5 Ki points to cast Dimension Door, with your destination being the location where the arrow landed.

Noisome Rain, Silent Death: At seventeenth level, you may spend 6 Ki Points as an action. You then make a ranged weapon attack roll. Every opponent within one half of your weapon’s close range with an AC below the result of the attack roll takes damage as though hit by your ranged weapon, and then must make a Dexterity save or acquire the Grappled condition as the projectiles pin them to the ground.