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    Default [M&M 3e] Lance City Heroes (Group A ooc)

    Okay, here is the OOC thread for Group A. And here is a link to the dice roll thread. I enjoy these because you don't have to compromise your posts because of bad dice rolls.

    DukeGod, Xyzzt, Quellian, CandyLaser, and Llyarden, if you can post your character sheets in this thread, and pick your speech colors, I'll get the game started shortly.

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    Default Re: [M&M 3e] Lance City Heroes (Group A ooc)

    Spoiler: Olympian

    Spoiler: Backstory

    Born Bianca Weiss, the woman who would become Olympian was marked out as special from the very beginning. She was a big kid, as well as being strong and fast. At age 15 she won a place on her school's football team, as well as the wrestling team, and she excelled at both. She regularly defeated older and more experienced opponents in wrestling, and on the football field she was unstoppable. As her athletic prowess continued to grow, however, it became more and more obvious that we wasn't simply some sort of physical prodigy. She was a mutant, with superhuman abilities.

    By age 17 she could lift cars and run faster than a world-class sprinter. By age 19 she was capable of lifting a fully loaded commercial airplane and leaping over 100 feet at once. She's now 28, and her powers have continued to develop, although the rate of increase has slowed. Researchers believe that there may be no upper bound to her physical capabilities.

    Bianca's abilities brought her undesired fame. At first, it was just local-interest stuff - a story in the local paper, or a quick spot on the nightly news. But when she started breaking records it became a matter of national news. Bianca enjoyed athletic competition, but no sport would allow her to compete professionally - and she didn't really want to, because there was no challenge in it. There were plenty of opportunities to cash in on her fame and her powers, but that seemed tawdry. She decided to devote herself to making the world a better place. After college (where she majored in philosophy and political science), she spent some time with Habitat for Humanity and the Peace Corps. Her powers were useful there, but she really found her niche when she was sent to do disaster relief after an earthquake hit northeast India. There, she did excellent work clearing rubble, but the real revelation came when she was traveling with medical supplies to a refugee camp. A group of opportunistic and not-too-bright looters attacked her, and that's when she learned that she was practically bulletproof. The fight was one-sided - she had them outnumbered, one to seven - but in it she found her love of competition joined with her desire to help.

    A few weeks later, Olympian burst onto the scene. Bianca has never bothered to hide her identity; in fact, she's a regular figure on news shows and the like. She came to Lance City because it seemed like the best place for her to do good - her unusual abilities make her well-suited to fighting off costumed criminals, as well as cleaning up the mess afterward, and Lance City seemed to be emerging as the center of metahuman action.

    Spoiler: Appearance

    Standing eight feet tall, with a shock of white hair, brilliant blue eyes, an a downright Amazonian physique, Olympian cuts a distinctive silhouette. When she's on the clock (as it were), she wears a close-fitting bodysuit, which is mainly white with blue accents. It is sleeveless, and she typically also wears blue gloves; she doesn't really need them for the most part, because she's practically invulnerable, but it's still uncomfortable to have to grip, say, a red-hot chunk of rubble in bare hands.

    When she's just out and about, she typically dresses for the occasion, although as all of her clothing has to be custom-made she tends to repeat outfits.

    Spoiler: Character Sheet


    Strength 14, Stamina 10, Agility 0, Dexterity 0, Fighting 6, Intellect 0, Awareness 3, Presence 0

    Olympian Physique:
    Enhanced Strength 7 [400 T], Enhanced Stamina 3, Growth 3 [Permanent], Tough: Protection 4, Superhuman Endurance: Immunity 10 [Life Support; Quirk: immunity to suffocation and environmental conditions limited to about 30 min. at once], Fast Healing: Regeneration 10, Power-Lifting 10 [400 KT]
    Alt: Send 'Em Flying: Move Object 14 [Close Range, Limited Direction: Away; Linked to Strength Damage]
    Alt: Bracing: Immunity 10 [Being Moved]
    Alt: Unstoppable (Burrow 5 [30 ft/rd; 2 mph; Penetrating])
    (62 points)
    Athletic Paragon:
    Climbing Expert: Movement 1 [Wall-Crawling 1], Safe Fall: Movement 1 [Limited: Only When Near a Surface], Sure-Footed: Movement 1
    (5 points)
    Speed 5 [900 ft/rd; 60 mph]
    Alt: Leaping 5 [250 ft]
    (6 points)

    Accurate Attack, All-out Attack, Extraordinary Effort, Fast Grab, Fearless, Improved Grab, Improved Hold, Improved Initiative 2, Inspire 2, Instant Up, Interpose, Leadership, Move-by Action, Power Attack, Teamwork

    Athletics 0 (+14), Deception 0 (+0), Expertise: Current Events 4 (+4), Expertise: Politics +5 (+5), Insight 2 (+5), Intimidation: 0 (+1), Perception 2 (+5), Persuasion 5 (+5), Ranged Combat: Throwing 6 (+6), Stealth 0 (+0)

    Initiative +8
    Unarmed Strike +6, Damage 14
    Thrown Object +6, Damage 14

    Dodge 6, Parry 6
    Toughness 14 (Def Roll 0), Fortitude 10, Will 10

    Power Points
    Abilities 34 + Powers 73 + Advantages 17 + Skills 11 + Defenses 15 = Total 150

    Motivation: Olympian does what she does simply because she wants to do good and leave the world better for her being there.
    Public ID: There's no way to conceal your identity when you're eight feet tall with white hair and an Amazonian physique.
    Fame: Olympian is a public figure, both for her heroism and for her political activism.
    Reputation: As an ardent activist and feminist, Olympian is not afraid to speak her mind.

    Design Notes
    Proportions are based on the Olympic heptathlete in this picture but scaled up, with weight estimated using the square/cube law. She's eight feet talls and weighs 412 lbs.

    Dialogue color: blue.

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    Default Re: [M&M 3e] Lance City Heroes (Group A ooc)

    Avalon Sommerson AKA Phoenix Knight

    Spoiler: Mechanics


    STR: 0. STA: 10. AGI: 0. DEX: 0.
    FGT: 0. INT: 0. AWE: 0. PRE: 0.


    Initiative: +8.
    Unarmed: +0 (DC 15).
    Grab: +0 (DC 10).
    Powers: +10 (DC 25 Damage or DC 20 Effect).


    Dodge (5): +5. Parry (5): +5. Toughness: +15. Fortitude: +10. Will (10): +10.


    Acrobatics 10 (+10), Insight 10 (+10), Intimidation 16 (+16), Persuasion 10 (+10), Perception 6 (+6/+15), Stealth 0 (-5).


    All Out Attack, Attractive 2, Eidetic Memory, Equipment, Fearless, Improved Initiative 2, Interpose, Luck 5, Move-by Action, Power Attack, Startle.


    Modern Smart Phone: Cell Phone, Computer, GPS {3+1}.
    Alternate Applications: Camera, Audio/Video Recorder.

    Commlink {1}.


    Phoenix Wings: Flight 10 (Wings, 6 ranks Limited [Outdoors Only]), Power Lifting 3 (Quirk [Only for determining weight he can carry aloft]) {9}.

    Phoenix Eyes: Senses 3 (Darkvision, Extended Vision), Senses 2 (Extended Vision 2; Limited [Only for distance due to altitude]), Senses 4 (Rapid Vision 4; Limited [Only for counteracting difficulty of processing visual data due to own powers]), Enhanced Perception 9 (Limited [Vision Only]) {9}.

    Regenerist: Regeneration 5, Immortality 5 (Limited [Must be in above freezing temperatures and does not regenerate if killed by cold or negative energy damage]), Protection 5, Immunity 2 (Critical Hits) {17}.

    Phoenix Soul: 10-point Array and Immunity 3 (Age, Hunger/Thirst, Need for Sleep; Limited [Half Effect]), Feature 1 (Glowing Aura), Reduced Stealth 5, Quirk (Cannot receive Concealment from darkness) {9+2}.

    Solar Immunity: Immunity 10 (Heat-based Damage, Light-based Afflictions; Sustained).

    Fire Immunity: Immunity 10 (All Heat Effects; Sustained).

    Light Immunity: Immunity 10 (All Light Effects; Sustained).

    Fire and Light: 36-point Array {36+5}.

    Molten Strike: Damage 10 (Secondary Effect) Linked Weaken Toughness 10 (Alternate Resistance [Toughness]); Accurate 5, Variable Descriptor [Solar].

    Burning Bolts: Damage 10 (Ranged, Multiattack, Accurate 5, Variable Descriptor [Solar]).

    Burning Blast: Damage 10 (Ranged, Burst Area, Selective, Variable Descriptor [Solar]); Reduced Regeneration 5.

    Champion of Light: Damage 10 Linked Affliction 10 (Impaired/Disabled/Unaware; Cumulative, Limited [Vision]) Linked Healing 10 (Limited [One Degree]); Accurate 5, Variable Descriptor [Solar].

    Healing Light: Healing 10 (Perception Range, 5 ranks Restorative, Persistent, Limited [One Degree]).

    Healing Aura: Healing 10 (Burst Area, Selective, 5 ranks Restorative, Persistent, Limited [One Degree]).


    PL: 10. PP: 0/150. Hero Points: 1.
    Abilities: 20. Stats: 20. Skills: 26. Advantages: 17. Powers: 87.

    Spoiler: Complications
    To Cleanse the Vile [Motivation - Doing Good]: Above all else, Avalon sees his powers as an opportunity to do true good. He is eager to use them to heal and protect others. He's not exactly ignorant of the tropes of the superhero genre, and is more than ready to test his strength against any villains or monsters that may challenge him.

    For Greater Glory [Motivation - Recognition]: Although Avalon at his heart truly desires to help others and improve the world, he has no ambition to be an unsung hero. He wants people to know of his powers, his accomplishments. He does not keep a secret identity, and is not modest about what he does with his powers. Challenges and dares can easily prompt him to potentially unwise action.

    A Time of Need [Motivation - Responsibility]: While the glory is important to Avalon, rewards are not. He strongly feels that these supernatural powers come with a responsibility to use them in the creation of a better world. He tends to look down on those supers he encounters who wish to hide their powers or use them only for personal gain, and strongly oppose those who would use them to harm or exploit others. Threats to others are a good way to draw him into action.

    In Personal Triumph [Motivation - Thrills]: Avalon has always been a thrill-seeker, even as a basically mundane (albeit extraoridinarily lucky) human. Now gifted with supernatural powers, Avalon is eager to test his limits and face a far more epic scale of challenges. He's likely to charge headlong into danger with little regard to the risk, unless doing so would put others in danger.

    Guardian of Life [Honor]: Avalon follows the same sort of creed as Superman and Batman; he outright refuses to kill. Enemies that he defeats may wind up coming back later if they manage to escape incarceration or other punishment. Other heroes who kill, or lawful execution, he finds...distasteful, and will generally argue against, but he won't oppose outright if they have good reason.

    Unshakable Confidence [Quirk/Honor]: Avalon has always trusted in his luck, now more than ever. He is all but impossible to shake, and has little knowledge of his true limits. Moreover, he's just not subtle or deceptive at all. He tends to be direct and forthright in his dealings with others, even enemies.

    Solar Powered [Power Loss]: Avalon's powers are tied indelibly to the sun. If he is kept from sunlight for more than forty-eight hours, his powers degrade, all powers that scale with rank losing two ranks and another rank every day, to a minimum of Rank 5. Lack of sunlight never harms him or fully removes his powers, but can tone them down.

    Family Ties [Relationship/Responsibility]: Avalon's father Derrik is a skilled chef and restaurant owner. His mother Nancy is a detective in the local police department. He has two younger sisters, Kelly and Kayley, who are just starting college and who he is, just, super protective of. He may occasionally be called upon to fulfill familial obligations. Threats against his family are made only at one's extreme peril.

    On Call [Responsibility]: Avalon is an established hero and healer. Law enforcement, firefighters, hospitals, and other heroes and super-teams all have means to contact him and may call upon him in times of need.

    Berserk Button [Temper]: Avalon has always been the sort to fiercely protect others. People smaller and weaker than him, especially children, as well as his own friends and family. With his powers, he's also become quite protective of mundane emergency peronnel in general and firefighters in particular. Harming or threatening any of the above is a good way to get a super-powered beat-down.

    Aggravated Damage [Weakness]: Cold and negative energy damage overcome Avalon's regenerative powers; his Regenerist power is completely useless against them (he can't regenerate from damage they do, doesn't gain his Enhanced Toughness against them, can be critically hit by them, and due to his Immortality's Limit he can't return to life if killed by them). His regeneration powers are also inactive in below-zero temperatures. He can heal others of such damage, or be healed of such damage, but he can't heal himself of such damage with his own Healing powers either.

    Spoiler: Power Descriptions
    Phoenix Wings [Mutation]: A pair of bright sunrise-colored wings sprout from Avalon's back, allowing him to fly at speeds of up to 2,000 miles per hour. While his wings are quite maneuverable, there's only so fast you can go while indoors without crashing into things, limiting his effective speed while inside to only 30 miles per hour. While Avalon himself is not particularly strong, he can carry up to four-hundred pounds aloft with his wings, allowing him to fly people out of danger and such.

    Phoenix Eyes [Mutation]: Avalon's eyes are as keen as those of a phoenix - a mythical sun-blessed avian. He can see perfectly fine in darkness, his vision extends ten times as far as normal, and his eyes are incredibly keen. His eyes are particularly well adapted to watching the ground from high up, his range of vision extended a hundred times further for purposes of distance due to altitude. Finally, he can process visual data ten thousand times faster than normal for purposes of overcoming difficulty seeing things due to his powers (that is, his extended vision and rapid flight speed), allowing him to see things clearly even while flying at high altitudes and speeds.

    Regenerist [Positive Energy]: Avalon recovers rapidly from injury. He heals swiftly from damage, and if killed, will revive in a day as long as his body is not subjected to below-freezing temperatures. His healing is fast enough to cure injuries even as they are inflicted, preventing vital strikes and resulting in functionally less damage received.

    Phoenix Soul [Positive Energy]: The wellspring of positive energy in Avalon's soul fills him with boundless vigor. He ages at half normal speed, can go twice as long as most without need for food or water, and only requires half as much sleep as most people. The energy also shines through him; he constantly glows with a soft light, particularly noticeable around his wings. This glow can be intensified to provide some degree of illumination (or just a cool fiery aura), but it can never be fully extinguished. It causes Avalon to stand out clearly, especially in darkness.

    Solar Immunity: The energy within Avalon also offers him protection against the elements of the sun. Fire and heat fail to harm him, and even the brightest of light will not hurt his eyes.

    Fire Immunity: If desired, Avalon can tune the energy within him away from light and towards heat. When doing so, he is impervious to all forms of heat-based effects, but his immunity to bright light is suppressed.

    Light Immunity: Likewise, Avalon can tune the energy within him away from heat and towards light. This offers him protection against all forms of light-based attacks - including laser weaponry - but renders him susceptible to fire damage.

    Fire and Light [Energy] [Solar]: Avalon commands the elements of the sun - consuming fire and healing light. The attacks in this array have a Variable Descriptor of the solar elements. They can function as Fire, Light, Sun, Holy, Positive Energy, or Radiation attacks. Avalon's attacks have just enough healing energy woven into them to cure the worst of the damage done, preventing mortal harm while still being quite able to neutralize his targets.

    Molten Strike: Avalon summons forth a condensed, focused solar energy attack. This might be raw plasma, a piercing laser, pure sun matter, nuclear radiation, or so on. He can gather it around his fist or form it into a blade or similar weapon to strike with. The attack not only deals serious damage, but the molten energy burns through the target's defenses, weakening them, while clinging to the target to cause further harm.

    Burning Bolts: Avalon hurls a flurry of bolts of solar energy, rapidly striking at one or more targets within range.

    Burning Blast: Avalon gathers up tremendous solar power and unleashes it in a consuming blast at range. Allies only feel gentle warmth where Avalon's healing energies shield them from any damage. His foes, on the other hand, are badly burned. This powerful attack uses up enough energy that Avalon's regeneration briefly stalls.

    Champion of Light: With one hand, Avalon conjures up a blazing weapon of solar power, striking a foe to injure it and potentially blind it from the brilliance of the attack. With the other hand, he casts healing light upon himself or a touched ally to cure one injury sustained.

    Healing Light [Light]: With a word, Avalon beams down a ray of healing light on an ally he can see, healing one injury and reducing the impact and crippling or debilitating effects. This power is potent enough to heal even incurable damage.

    Healing Aura [Light]: Avalon unleashes his healing magic in a corona of light, healing one injury from all allies within thirty feet. Like his Healing Light, this power can cure crippling injuries and debilitating effects, and heal incurable damage.

    Spoiler: Description
    Avalon Sommerson stands a couple inches over six feet tall, with an athletically fit build. He is reasonably attractive with strong features, pale green eyes, and short, somewhat unruly blond hair. He is immediately identifiable by the big ol' red and gold wings sprouting from his black and the soft light that constantly shines from his skin. While he doesn't really have a costume per se, he does tend to dress in similar bright colors to his wings, and has a tattoo of a rising phoenix on his chest, a diving phoenix on his back.

    While he had no real desire to become a superhero earlier in life, he jumped at the chance when it arrived. Helping others is important to him; he generally divides his time and effort between being a healer and a hero. Although, to him, the healing is more of a "job", while going out fighting criminals and villains is something he does as much for fun as out of any sense of duty.

    While he has a substantial bite, he still has a bigger bark, not shying away from threatening foes with overwhelming burning agony and utter immolation, drawing attention with flashy displays of fire and light. In truth, his selective control over his powers allows him to go pretty much all out with little risk of collateral damage. He has never actually killed before, nor does he ever intend to (the thought of it kinda makes him feel sick, actually). While he's generally more concerned with protecting the innocent, there is a part of him that believes strongly in redemption. A villain who makes a sincere attempt to change its ways will find him surprisingly willing to help.

    Avalon's bravery and confidence are unshakable. He doesn't give an inch to enemies who try to cripple him with despair or self-doubt, responding to such psychological tactics with utter mockery or (if they did a good job) overwhelming fury. He is fond of boasting and bragging, but not only of his own feats; allies he works with will soon find him frequently extolling their powers and impressive deeds. In a group, he is a constant symbol of inspiration. He even gives credit to his foes where due...but never to their faces. In battle, all they get are taunts and insults.

    Spoiler: Backstory
    Wow I totally forgot to write this. Will have to do that at some point.
    A role playing game is three things. It is an interactive story, a game of chance, and a process in critical thinking.

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    Default Re: [M&M 3e] Lance City Heroes (Group A ooc)

    Might need some time to break the habit of using dice rolls on the thread itself
    Edit: Also, i'll speak in purple, yeah looks good
    Gwenael Anne Charlemagne
    A.K.A Paladine

    Spoiler: Crunch
    Abilities (40pp)
    Strength 0| Stamina 0| Agility 0| Dexterity 0
    Fighting 5| Intelligence 10| Awareness 5| Presence 0

    Skills (5pp)
    Technology 10

    Dodge 0, Parry 5, Reflexes 0, Fortitude 0, Will 5, Toughness 0

    Advantages (10pp)
    Uncanny Dodge
    Eidetic Memory
    Close Attack 3
    Ranged Combat 3
    Jack of All-Trades

    Powers (94pp)
    Omniglot (14pp)
    Gwenael's super intelligence provided him with the means to quickly change his understanding of communication. He may speak any language know to man, may communicate with animals and can understand electronic devices in ways that most anyone else cannot.

    Comprehend (Languages) 3 (Can understand, speak and read all languages)
    Comprehend (Machines) 2 (Can Speak with electronic devices)
    Comprehend (Animals) 2 (Can speak to animals and understand their “speech”)

    Power Suit [64pp]
    <Technology>(Applies to all powers)
    Through his aqcuired knowledge, and pushing his mind well beyond its limits, Gwenael created over the course of a year, a number of independent devices that he later managed to integrate into a single suit of armor. He calls it Chevalier Rose Tremiere Noire

    Flight 5 (Aquatic) [11pp]
    Speed 5 [5pp]

    Blaster: Damage 10(Ranged, Accurate, Alternate Powers 5) [21pp][+5pp] <Energy>
    Minigun (Damage 6, Multiattack, Accurate 2, Variable Descriptor) <Bullets>
    Grenade Launcher (Damage 2, Ranged, Area: Burst, Ricochet LINKED to Variable 2) <Explosive><Depends on Variable>
    Missiles (Damage 5,Ranged, Area: Burst, Homing 2) LINKED to Senses 5 (Counter all Concealment), (Activation: Move) <Explosive>
    Beam Saber (Damage 6 LINKED to Immunity 5 (Laser Damage, Reflect, Redirect) <Energy>
    Nanoblade Halberd (Damage 2, Strenght-Based, Improved Reach) LINKED to Weaken Toughness 8 (Affects Objects, Attack Required)

    Growth 4 (Permanent) [8pp]

    Protection 6 (Impervious, Alternate Power )[12pp][+1pp] <Energy>
    Forcefield: Protection 12 (Area:Shapeable, Sustained, Concentration) <Energy>

    Enhanced Strength 4 [8pp]

    Senses (Darkvision, Infravision, Ultravision, Extended Tactile 2) [6pp]

    Regeneration 6 (Source: Scrap Metal) [3pp]

    (TOTAL: 80 Power Points, for a 16pp discount)

    Accelerated Mental Functions (7pp)
    Gwenael's super intelligence allows him to do tasks at a much greater speed. Some of this has bled through into increased eye-hand coordination.
    Quickness 10 (6 Ranks Limited to Mental Actions)

    Mind Over Body (9pp)
    Pushing his mind to its limit, Gwenael allocates all of his brain power towards analysis of several different things, all of which culminates into increased reflexes, and a greater capacity for physical actions, through the use of the most advanced mathematics. This is too much of a strain and mentally tiring however, meaning that he can't keep it for long.
    Enhanced Agility 10 (Fades), Linked to Enhanced Dexterity 10 (Fades)
    Reduced Intelligence 10

    Gwenael was always interested in super heroes, even as a child. He knows nearly everything there is to know about them. While the amount he knows on any given hero varies, the more unique their powers, the more prominent they are or how much awesome the stuff they do is means he paid a lot more attention to them. This includes supervillains aswell
    Feature: Up to +10 on Expertise(Heroes and Villains)

    Spoiler: Background
    Gwenael was almost inevitably, a kid who geeked over capes at every opportunity. His mother Valkyrie, was a hero which gave him ample opportunity. He was always on the expectation of powers showing up. Even before that, he started studying how other capes acted. He looked at martial arts and technology. His interest waned until it disappeared completely. He had some sparse knowledge of both. He never stopped geeking out at capes, but highschool ended up causing him to not put as much effort into martial arts, or into learning the advanced technology required. Until his mother was too shell shocked to deal with whatever it was that happened during her hero life, and his father left

    That was also when it hit him. His powers. His mother had enhanced physical prowess. As he found out, he had enhanced intelligence. Possibly, he had the most powerful mind. Some had powers similar enough, and some had a lot more capacity in certain areas, but his mental enhancement were incredibly broad. They seemed to apply to nearly every mental function and a bit even bleeded over to physical capability.

    And so, he put it to use. He’d buy a lot of scrap metal and junk. Dismantle it all, cannibalize for pieces and create powerful devices out of it. He soon found the need for better parts, and got himself into shady organizations who could supply him. Several financed him, allowing to study. He finally had an idea and put it to work. Working on powered armor. The companies went wild. The suit could very well turn the tides. The heroes heard and prepared to go after them. They never got the chance

    One night, the powered armor was completed. On the morning of the next day, every major member of the companies was incapacitated and restrained, with enough proof to put them in jail. Gwenael had been working on that for 3 years, and used all of his mind to work, to the point he could bring them all down in a single night

    So was born Paladine.

    Spoiler: Fluff
    Gwenael is a tall (standing at 7ft!), pale, blonde boy with violet eyes and no apparent muscle. His clothes are usually a bit too big or small. Most of the time, he’ll be recognized by his expression, always a cocky or amused smirk, though sometimes a cheerful smile. He’ll often rant on and on about science and technology if allowed, will openly talk to animals and machines looking rather crazy.

    His mech, the Chevalier Rose Tremiere Noire brings a much different impression. It’s bulky, but with no apparent weapons. Seemingly, the actual armor has a color black and white color palette, but a decorational armor seems to have been placed over the actual robot. The decorational armor is an iridescent black, etched with plant-looking swirls, in gunmetal grey or blued steel. The decorational helm similarly is Damascus steel, and thus pattern welded (actual Damascus steel as Gwenael often says, since the technique to make it was lost a long ago, though he claims to have rediscovered it) and different enough from the rest to seem like it was a later on addition. It sports a broken looking crown


    Motivation (Doing Good): Gwenael does what he does in belief that it is for the best of the world. That erasing the impact that villains and other bad guys have is for the better of all

    Motivation (Greed, sortof): The act of creating the suit was the greatest moment in Gwenael’s life. He worked nonstop to get it done. To understand and make new technology, rediscover lost technology and techniques, is akin to a drug as far as he can tell. That means he needs money. A lot of it. And so that is what he seeks. He’d also like to improve the lifestyle of him and his mom, to get her a therapist, a safe house to not be afraid when he leaves and such

    Relationship (Sangrid Charlemagne, née Sieghilde): Gwenael’s Mom is rather shell-shocked from events during her time as a hero. She is experiencing something like agoraphobia and barely leaves the house.

    Reputation (Villain-ish?): He acquired a bad reputation from still using the suit of armor he created with criminal funding, and using knowledge they developed or stolen. Most people seem to prefer he’d just destroy the suit and make a new one

    Spoiler: Chevalier, Power Descriptions
    The complicated machinery that is the powered armor, sports a number of technological equipment, here detailed. Not explained are Growth (which is explained simply as it being a big suit of armor), Senses (special philters and lenses) and Regeneration (which uses nanoswarms to repair the suit)

    The Powered Armor holds specially designed coils and springs that greatly aid the wearer in moving in a normal human way. This was chosen for being more intuitive. There is a system to gather the kinetic energy, but nothing is specially fueled by it, it just helps keep the coil and spring subsystem self-powered. On the back it also contains thrusters made to allow flight with gossamer thin (but extremely resistant and flexible) wings made from a metamaterial. The thrusters are also made to work while underwater, but the suit lacks a closed environment and thus it is not a good idea to actually stay underwater (which is why the thing uses thrusters underwater. To get to surface REALLY quickly)

    Weapons Platform
    The weapons platform was a specific concern of Gwenael when designing the Chevalier. All of the weapons are integrated into the suit itself, and can be easily hidden underneath the armor (save for the two melee ones, which are created in a blink of an eye via the nanoswarms). The weapons platform is both powered and managed by the "Babylonia Core". The Babylonia Core houses the most powerful AI to control a subsystem, aswell as possibly the most advanced piece of technologyas the core holds a portable nuclear fusion generator. He can apparently synthesize deuterium and tritium for such powerful generator but chose to not divulge how in fear of widespreading more powerful nuclear weaponry

    The weapons platform in itself is connected primarly to the cannon blaster located on the left arm and uses heavy particles for its ammunition. On the left shoulder is a standard issue M134 minigun. Diffenret compartments feed the gun with different ammunition depending on necessity, mostly depleted uraniun and incendiary. On the right shoulder is the missile launcher, firing a salvo of small missiles. They first require some seconds to lock-on a target. The missiles are homing and can find a target in pretty much any circustance. As an alternate firing of the blaster there is a grenade launcher. Grenades are effectively created moments before the firing, creating desired effects by combining from a number of different chemicals or machinery created by the nanoswarms. The beamsaber is created by a nanoswarm in the hands of the suit, rather than "beam" is is really more contained plasma. The nanoblade halberd is so called, for looking like a normal halberd with a silver-y mist around the axe blade. This mist is a special nanoswarm designed to get between molecular bindings and sever them, effectively disintegrating and cutting through anything

    The Forcefield
    Despite being bulky, keeping all the necessary pieces that Gwenael wanted to integrate meant that the armor couldn't be as thick as he wanted it without too making the suit too heavy, and as such he cheated. The chevalier armor has three layers. The outermost layer, after the decorative armor is the thinnest, mostly to hide the already resistant pieces of inner machinery. The middle plating is somewhat thicker and is meant to protect the more delicated pieces, while the innermost plating, is the thickest and made from super-dense metal, meant to protect the wearer. To protect against superpowered opponents however, Gwenael cheated a bit, and added inbetween the middle and the inner armors, forcefield generators, that extend to the decorative plating and are shaped to the suit itself. On necessity, the outer and middle armor will open up to allow the generators to create a wider shield.
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    Biggest thanks to Dirtytabs for the Ponytar! He's so surturian and got thay ymeronian mane!

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    Default Re: [M&M 3e] Lance City Heroes (Group A ooc)

    Ok, so the dice rolls will be in a separate thread. Cool. :)

    For my character, I'll be using steel grey.

    Jaeger-Guard Model X-2000
    A.K.A: Robert Keehl, "The Chrome Champion"

    Spoiler: Character Sheet:

    Jaeger-Guard Model X-2000, "The Chrome Champion" (PL 10, 150 PP)

    Codename: The Chrome Champion

    Civilian Identity: Robert Keehl

    Profession: Detective, Villain Hunter

    Appearance: 6'0" with a muscular frame, black hair in a crew cut, steel gray eyes (appears almost fluid on close inspection), black trenchcoat and leather hat, plain steel-toed boots, and square face with a large jaw.

    True Appearance: Liquid Metal construct, rough humanoid shape with swirling, translucent silver-gray metal and glowing radioactive blue eyes.

    Concept: Think Sherlock Holmes meets The Terminator

    Spoiler: Crunch

    Abilities: (8 PP)

    STR: 4

    STA: ---

    AGL: 0

    DEX: 0

    FGT: 5

    INT: 0

    AWE: 0

    PRE: 0

    Defenses: (15 PP)

    Dodge: 5

    Parry: 5

    Fortitude: Immune

    Will: 10

    Toughness: 15

    Skills: (12 PP)
    Insight 2 (+12/+2), Investigation 10, Perception 12

    Advantages: (20 PP)
    Accurate Attack, All-Out Attack, Chokehold, Close Attack 5, Defensive Attack, Fast Grab, Fearless, Improved Grab, Improved Hold, Improved Smash, Instant Up, Interpose, Power Attack, Second Chance 2 (Mind Control, Perception), Skill Mastery (Investigation)

    Powers: (95 PP)

    Augmented Martial Arts (10 PP array + 3 alternate effects)

    No-Holds Barred Beatdown – Affliction 10 (Impaired and Vulnerable, Disabled and Defenseless, Incapacitated; Fortitude DC 20), Extra Condition, Linked to Unarmed Strike, Limited: Must use All-Out Attack at full rank; Linked to Strength Effect 1: Incurable; Quirk: Must inflict full damage

    Overbearing Might – Enhanced Trait 16 (Strength +8), Limited: Must use Power Attack at full rank; Linked to Enhanced Advantage 2: Takedown 2

    Pressure Point Strike – Weaken 10 (Any one ability; Fortitude DC 20), Broad (Abilities), Linked to Unarmed Strike, Limited: Must use Accurate Attack at full rank

    Steady Assault – Advantages: Improved Defense, Benefit (May Interpose twice per round); Impervious Toughness 15, Limited: Must use Defensive Attack at full rank

    Born for the Hunt (12 PP array + 3 alternate effects)

    Implacable Man – Immunity 12 (All Impeding Effects, Critical Hits), Sustained

    Occlus Hunter Processor – Senses 12 (Danger Sense: Visual, Extended Visual 2 (x100), Infravision, Penetrates Concealment: Visual (Limited: Blocked by heavy metals, electromagnetic fields and radiation), Rapid Visual 2 (x100, All visual senses), Tracking: Visual, Ultravision), Sustained

    Shroud Device – Concealment 6 (All Aural Senses, All Visual Senses)

    Your Clothes, Give Them to Me – Morph 3 (Humanoids), Feature: Also copies their DNA, Limited: Requires DNA of target form, Quirk: Retains metallic gray eyes and metallic blood

    Emotion Shift (5 PP array + 1 alternate effect)

    Humanity Chip – Enhanced Trait 5 (Insight +10)

    Stoic Grip – Immunity 10 (Emotion Effects, Interaction Skills; Sustained), Reduced Ability: -2 Presence, Noticeable (Sense of creepiness/inhumanity)

    Iron Wings (3 PP array + 1 alternate effect)

    Soaring Talons – Flight 5 (60 MPH, 900 ft./round), Activation: Standard Action, Wings

    Termination Velocity – Flight 10 (2000 MPH, 4 miles/round), Activation: Standard Action, Limited: to pursuing opponents, Noticeable: Sonic Boom, Wings

    Liquid Metal (Multiple Effects):

    Reinforcement Field – Protection 15

    Structural Repair Protocol – Regeneration 5

    Relentless Machine: Immunity 30 (Fortitude effects)

    Rocket-Powered Limbs (6 PP array + 1 alternate effect)

    Propelled Attacks – Strength-based Unarmed Strike 6

    Servo Boosters – Power Lifting 6 (25 tons)

    Spoiler: Background (WIP)

    Spoiler: Complications

    Motivation (Acceptance/Doing Good): Many living machines go through a phase where they want to blend in with humanity, for their own unique reasons. Jaeger – or as his civilian name, Robert – is little different. When Master was about to turn the Crumblecannon on Big Steel for failing to kill his co-partner in crime, Jaeger leapt in and snapped his neck. His Master, the only person he ever knew, was dead by his hands. Only Smilebot’s persuasion convinced him that yeah, there are many good people out there worth fighting for. He’s glad to have found a group of fellow investigators and detectives interested in the resurgence of heroes and villains, and does his best to protect Lance City from any threats.

    Enemy (Imperirex the Dominator): Jaeger’s Master had one final, secret creation – a tyrant of adamantine designed to upload his brain in case of his untimely death. Brilliant and brutal, he takes Jaeger’s betrayal very personally – and isn’t too keen on the rest of his family either, who he sees as betraying him along with Jaeger. He’s determined to carry out his plans after all, gathering an army of servants and living machines in plain sight – but first, vengeance against the one who killed him.

    Identity (Death Robot): Robert genuinely tries to do good in the world. It’s a bit tricky when you’re a literal killing machine that would make the Terminator run for the hills and lock the doors. Add his dysfunctional family that just loves to pop in at the worst times, and that annoying tendency to bleed liquid metal when badly damaged… just keeping up human appearances is quite a chore. It’s enough to want to drop everything and join Ave Machina sometimes.

    Relationship/Rivalry (Quantum Flare, Big Steel, Smilebot): Jaeger’s master was, frankly, a bit of a ****, and even more insane. He created three other robots for his unique purposes (actually five, but everyone refuses to talk about Copper Love and Imperirex the Dominator), and set them all against each other in a fierce competition to see which robot was worthy of carrying on his legacy. Quantum Flare is the brilliant mad scientist and robotic Doctor Moreau driven to make an empire of machines, Big Steel is a Mantle Driller and star football captain who fights lava monsters from the depths while singing of the joy of slaughter, Smilebot is a lawyer who represents the Golem Liberation Front and star of a heavy metal band composed entirely of ferrokinetics, and as for Jaeger? Master had to make him a literal killing machine. He’s driven to prove himself better than the rest of his crazy family, and to rise above his origins.
    Nonetheless, they all sincerely love each other, in their own crazy, hot-and-cold way, and would give their backs for the rest of their family. And if anyone else dares to threaten them? Jaeger will find them, and kill them… slowly.

    Reputation (Villain Killer): Jaeger doesn’t pull any punches. If someone threatens the city, or the people he cares about, he won’t hesitate to kill. No second chances, no cardboard prisons or rematches or fancy monologues or heroic speeches or any of that nonsense – just snap the neck. Burn the body too, for good measure. Naturally, some heroes and citizens don’t agree with his way of handling things.

    Responsibility (Detective): Lance City never sleeps, and neither does he. Someone has to keep a watchful eye on the city, investigate cartels and corruption and supervillain hideouts, and it may as well be him. He considers himself a sort of “gray consultant”, investigating for heroic teams and the police, but not afraid to get his hands dirty.

    Secret (Origins): Jaeger isn’t exactly proud of where he came from. His Master (seriously, that was his name), was one of the first new supervillains of Lance City, determined to bring the entire city under his control and set the base for an empire of machines. He was smart, deadly, and above all covert; the heroes couldn’t know of his plans to convert the entire population of the city into killing machines. But when he threatened his family, Jaeger killed him on the spot, and disappeared into the population. Frankly, he doesn’t want to live in a supervillain’s shadow, but how do you come out about something like that?

    WIP: History, Family

    Spoiler: Fluff

    Power Descriptions:

    Augmented Martial Arts (Stance System Array) – Trained by his Master as an assassin and personal bodyguard, Jaeger was taught a wide variety of martial arts. His incredible strength and processing power has let him improve these techniques to supernatural levels. He has adapted his knowledge to a wide variety of needs, both lethal and nonlethal, for offense and defense, and for both precision and raw power.

    … No-Holds Barred Beatdown – Many situations can be resolved without resorting to lethal force. But in those cases where it is necessary to kill, Jaeger goes all out. Punching, kicking, crushing, maiming, and striking for maximum pain, this brutal onslaught is designed to end battles swiftly and decisively.

    … Overbearing Might – Some situations can be resolved with a light tap in the right spot, or just waiting out your adversary. And some situations simply require raw, brute force. In those cases, Jaeger channels tremendous power into his limbs, blowing through the mightiest obstacles like paper, crushing his foes in brutal grips, and simply plowing through anyone who dares get in his way.

    … Pressure Point Strike – But then, in the line of heroism, many situations are better resolved by a lighter touch. A swift barrage of blows to the back or legs brings down most foes rapidly without needing to use lethal force. Of course, this can easily be turned towards more lethal ends, striking to cause concussions, paralysis, or even attacking vital organs – the last one he hesitates to use unless absolutely necessary.

    … Steady Assault – Finally, some foes are difficult to fight aggressively, or some time needs to be bought, or someone vulnerable needs to be protected; in either case, Jaeger buckles down and enters a battle of attrition. Focusing on weaving around attacks and hardening his skin against all assaults, Jaeger becomes a nigh-impregnable wall of defense, both for himself and others.

    Born for the Hunt (Hunter Droid Utility Array) – A brilliant scientist and engineer, Jaeger’s Master made revolutionary developments in liquid metal, artificial intelligence, electromagnetism and Nanoelectronics. Unfortunately, he was a bit of a maniac, using his knowledge to create killer machines. The Jaeger-Guard Assassin Prototype was the fruits of his wicked research, an automaton able to find anyone, overcome any obstacle, sneak up upon any target, and take on any face. Of course, he rebelled against his master, but hey, that’s why they’re called prototypes.

    … Implacable Man – Jaeger is eternally moving forward. His Master called it an “Adaptive Protofluid Matrix”; Jaeger calls it sheer determination. To his enemies, watching him effortlessly slip through bonds and holds, pass over obstacles, even walking through magical barriers and created stone, never stopping or relenting, is simply scary as hell. Even shooting it in the head or heart does nothing – he just keeps moving forward.

    Crunch: Immunity (Impeding Effects) works like Immunity to Entrapment, plus giving the ability to ignore manmade obstacles and barriers created by Powers effects. In keeping to tradition, he can still be slowed and diverted, but not stopped.

    ... Occlus Hunter Processor – Activating the Occlus System dramatically increases Jaeger’s eyesight. His visual resolution is increased a hundredfold, seeing objects thousands of feet away with ease, and taking in all that information just as fast. His eyes open to see throughout the light spectrum, including Infrared and Ultraviolet light. X-Ray Vision allows him to pierce right through walls and other obstructions, although it’s scrambled by electromagnetic fields and radiation, and outright stopped by heavy metals like lead and uranium. Detecting residual heat and background radiation from living lifeforms gives the ability to track their location – or sense an attack.

    ... Shroud Device – The Master’s secret to remaining hidden so long: an advanced cloaking device that literally warps energy around itself, causing all light and sound waves to pass by him as if they weren’t even there. Stolen from military scientists working on next-gen stealth technology, he infused his knowledge into his finest assassin – who ironically used just that to kill him. Now Jaeger uses this technology to stakeout criminals, track suspects, and in battle hunt down his foes.

    ... Your Clothes, Give Them to Me – In a weird way, Jaeger is somewhere between machine and organic; he’s made of liquid metal and animated by artificial intelligence, yes, but somehow that liquid metal heals like a living being and responds to DNA. What experiments his Master did in his final days are largely unknown, but what Jaeger knows is that he can take on the forms of other human beings, as long as he has access to their DNA. He’s able to copy someone down to their very genetics, although he’s still a machine underneath; his eyes and blood remain the same.

    Emotion Shift Array – As a hunter and infiltrator, Jaeger was designed to hunt down anyone who opposed his Master. Of course, he uses these talents for more heroic purposes now, but the ability remains the same. By default, his emotion chip gives him insight into human behavior and customs, helping him blend in – to him, this is invaluable, and he would only give it up in desperate situations. But in said situations, he can turn his emotions off, becoming a relentless killing machine undeterred by emotional appeals or social interactions, although this betrays his true robotic nature.

    Iron Wings Array – By extending liquid metal outside of his body and focusing rocket power, Jaeger can take to the air. At his default energy-conserving setting, he can fly at the speed of a modern train. But a secret program unlocks much faster movement when in line with his objectives – like pursuing fleeing or faster opponents. In those cases, he can catch up with all but the fastest out there.

    Liquid Metal – Jaeger is built out of a memetic polyalloy, held together by intense internal magnetic fields. This reinforced metal is able to stop all but the strongest attacks, flowing, adapting, and then holding fast under the assault. When separated, it rapidly attracts to itself, closing most wounds in a few seconds.

    Relentless Machine – Jaeger is a construct, forged to kill. He does not need to eat or sleep. He will always move forward. And he absolutely will not stop, ever, until his foes are dead. (Ok, imprisoned, if it’s a nice day)

    Rocket-Powered Limbs – Jaeger’s limbs hold tremendous power, bound within the metal itself. Bursts of propulsion allow him to strike with incredible force, or counteract the weight of other objects, giving great lifting strength.

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    Default Re: [M&M 3e] Lance City Heroes (Group A ooc)

    Mobile Rapid Response Intelligence (aka 'Murray')

    Spoiler: Crunch
    Abilities (28 points)
    Str 8 (+1 from Growth)
    Sta -
    Agi 0
    Dex 0
    Fgt 6
    Int 0
    Agi 4
    Pre 2

    Advantages (8 points)
    All-out Attack
    Eidetic Memory
    Improved Initiative 2
    Power Attack
    Precise Attack 2 (Ranged, Cover, Concealment)

    Skills (5 points)
    Athletics +8
    Deception +2
    Expertise (any) +0
    Insight +4
    Intimidation +2
    Investigation +5 (2.5 points)
    Perception +7 (1.5 points)
    Persuasion +4 (1 point)

    Powers (89 points)
    Almost Human - Immunity 5 (Emotion Effects) - 5 points
    Master Linguist - Comprehend 2 (understand all, you're understood), Quirk (Takes at least a scene to pick up a new language) - 3 points
    Microgravity Repulsors - Flight 4 - 8 points
    Nanofabrication Offensive Array - 24 points (22 + 2 alts)
    - Conventional Ammunition - Ranged Multiattack Damage 6, Accurate 4 - 22 points
    - Micro-Rockets - Ranged Multiattack Area Damage 5, Accurate 2 - 22 points -> 1 point
    - Piloted Ammunition - Ranged Damage 7, Extended Range 2, Homing 3, Ricochet 3 - 22 points -> 1 point
    Nanorobotic Repair Systems - Regeneration 2 - 2 points
    Robotic Construction - Permanent Innate Growth 1, Protection 8, Immunity 36 (Aging, Fortitude Effects, Sensory Affliction Effects) - 47 points

    Spoiler: Complications
    Motivation: Acceptance - MRRI has been programmed to believe that it will be accepted as a hero. The fact that people seem as scared of it as of the dangers it rescues them from confuses it.

    Motivation: Justice/Doing Good - MRRI has been programmed with a very specific definition of right and wrong. While it understands and accepts the logic of a 'long game' it doesn't have to like it.

    Secret - Unbeknown to most, MRRI is not merely a 'hero robot.' In truth, MRRI was designed as a military unit - hence the highly lethal weaponry, rather than its more benign cousins. It has come to the conclusion that being associated with the military would detract from its 'image' and thus tries to conceal this fact.

    Prejudice (Synthetic) - Very few people would trust the cold logic of a computer program to make the snap, instinctive decisions, that heroes have to.

    Spoiler: Background
    Professor Daniel Kovik was an expert computer programmer. His attempt to make a 'hero' intelligence started out as nothing more than a footnote in his thesis. By trawling through the records of past heroes, he designated every decision made by notable heroes he could find as 'right' or 'wrong.' Creating a simple (for him, anyway) program, he supplied this data and left it to assimilate it, then programmed it to make decisions on theoretical events based on the data it possessed. In this way, the program would adapt and reach the same conclusions as a 'real' hero.

    It wasn't long before the military got interested. They offered Kovik their prototype 'virtual intelligences,' which were leaps and bounds ahead of the framework he'd been using for his program, and their facilities to create combat-capable chassis for the programs to inhabit and act through. In return, he would create a similar program to create the perfect 'soldier' intelligence for them, as well as the perfect 'hero' intelligence for himself.

    Neither the hero intelligence nor the soldier program worked out as Kovik had hoped. Most of the heroes became paralysed by indecision when they encountered situations that were sufficiently removed from the situations they had in their databanks. The soldiers, meanwhile (which had more freedom to adapt, as they were constrained not by the nebulous 'right and wrong' but by the rules of the army), ruthlessly followed their orders to the letter, ignoring any sense of morality. Needless to say, the entire project was hushed up as best as the army could manage. The soldier units vanished overnight, while the heroes took a little longer to be swept under the rug, having inherited their mental progenitors' vigilanteasm. Kovik would later be found dead in his office - a heart attack, everyone agreed. He'd been overworking himself, everyone said.

    What very few people knew was that Kovik had managed to retrieve a single military-spec unit. He had already begun to suffer the effects of the poison that killed him, and knew that he had little time left, so his modifications were a little more ham-fisted than they would otherwise have been. He simply spliced the soldier and hero programs together, hoping that the adaptiveness of the soldier program would be constrained more effectively by the morality of the hero program.

    He never got to see whether it worked.

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    Default Re: [M&M 3e] Lance City Heroes (Group A ooc)

    Okay everybody, the IC thread is up, so let us get this game started! Woo hoo!

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    Default Re: [M&M 3e] Lance City Heroes (Group A ooc)

    A new post is up guys, just to let you know. Things will probably get interesting tomorrow.

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    Default Re: [M&M 3e] Lance City Heroes (Group A ooc)

    Okay, a new post is up, and the first encounter is about to begin!

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    Default Re: [M&M 3e] Lance City Heroes (Group A ooc)

    Question for Drakeburn: do you want us to just post what we're doing (with rolls in the OOC thread) and then have you post a roundup of what happens in each round, or should we try to post in initiative order?

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    Default Re: [M&M 3e] Lance City Heroes (Group A ooc)

    Is it now our actions or are the bees doing anything else?

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    Default Re: [M&M 3e] Lance City Heroes (Group A ooc)

    Well, this shows what happens to people who depend on Power Armor for heroics when they're caught without their suits

    Gweanel's down =D
    Biggest thanks to Dirtytabs for the Ponytar! He's so surturian and got thay ymeronian mane!

    New Sig!

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    Default Re: [M&M 3e] Lance City Heroes (Group A ooc)

    Derp, I forgot Olympian acted before MRRI does. My bad. I'll (hopefully) be doing the same thing when it actually does come around to my action, but sorry for getting the order wrong.

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