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    Default Can I link to my game's website in my signature?

    I'm a video game developer, and my website is about a story-based RPG I'm creating for Android mobiles. Right now it's in Alpha, and while it'll be free to play, there'll probably be in-game purchases for expanded content (eventually). Or maybe ads.

    Honestly, I doubt I'll make actual money out of it, but the possibility is there. :P

    I'd like to know if such a link in my signature would be breaking the forum's rules. From what I've read, I can't link to my "business" but I can link to "works of art". I'm not sure under which case it would fall.
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    Default Re: Can I link to my game's website in my signature?

    Going off of this thread it seems to me that so long as you aren't actually making a profit off of your work it is fine, but as soon as money transactions become involved you have to take it up with Project Wonderful to get your name out there. I would wait for Roland or his sheriff's posse to show up to confirm, though, just in case im wildly off base.
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    Default Re: Can I link to my game's website in my signature?

    Sheriff: Correct. If it's available for free online, ok. But if it's gong to require, literally or practically purchases, then please take out an ad.
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