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Thread: Tales of Pylea

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    Default Tales of Pylea

    Hi folks.

    I don't know about you, but occasionally I have a look at the ads above the forum, and while I am rarely pleased I still found the currently advertised webcomic Tales of Pylea intriguing.

    The lead character is a pleasant deviation from the usual female depiction, the black and white style is neat and the atmosphere and jokes are good as well.


    Anyone else that would like to share their thoughts?
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    Default Re: Tales of Pylea

    I have been reading it for a while, and yeah, it is pretty good. Great art style, I like the protagonists, and I'm curious to see where the story is going. Updates are not very frequent, but it is a good comic so far. Oh, and the creators often interact with the fans in the comment section, which I like.

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    Default Re: Tales of Pylea

    Quote Originally Posted by Humbug View Post
    Someone already posted a thread about my comic here a while back, it only got one response so far, and it's quite far down the page now, so I guess people are not that interested.
    Hi there and welcome.

    I like what there is of the comic so far, but there isn't much of it yet.

    I have started a couple of threads about Daily Grind:

    They both sank without trace.

    The art of Daily Grind isn't. However, the story has sometimes been good (seems to me to be a bit wishy washy lately, but there are lots of loose ends hanging, so maybe it will improve soon), and the guy's workrate is phenomenal, 10 pages a week.

    I tend to dislike literature because the language often takes priority over the story. I prefer it when the language is transparent so to speak and you can see the story clearly through it, I'm probably the same with comics, any art that tells the story is probably good enough for me. There are doubtless people who strongly disagree.
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    Default Re: Tales of Pylea

    Thanks for reading, ToP is indeed still in the early stages, but 129 pages is still a pretty good feat in my opinion, and the story is moving much faster than it's previous incarnation.

    I took a look at Daily Grind, the artwork is definitely not going to impress people at first glance, and it kinda starts off slow. but my interest piqued at the mention of ghosts, I love paranormal stuff. Although I wonder if there's any reason for the characters to be anthropomorphic, from what I read so far you could swap them with humans and it wouldn't really make much a of a difference. My guess is that the author wasn't confident with their ability to draw humans and thought it would be easier to draw animals instead. Problem is, the art is so weak that it still looks unappealing, but hey, if the author is happy to keep working on the comic who am I to judge? :)

    And yes, I am totally with the Show don't Tell camp, I'm an artist so why not play to my strengths? I'm always telling my writer to write less words whenever possible, because why not take advantage of a visual medium?

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