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    Default [Feat] Have you hugged your tree today?

    Green Thumb [General]
    You have a way with plants.
    Prerequisite: Knowledge (nature) 5 ranks, Wis 13
    Benefit: You cast spells dealing with living plants, such as Entangle, Goodberry and Liveoak at +1 caster level.
    As well, you gain a +4 bonus to knowledge nature checks to identify plants, plant creatures and survival checks to gather edible flora.
    Finally, if you possess the Wild Empathy ability you may use it upon plant creatures with an intelligence score no higher than 2.

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    Default Re: [Feat] Have you hugged your tree today?

    This is cool.
    So's your avvy.
    Quote Originally Posted by EvilElitest View Post
    You are a god
    Many thanks to Bisected8 for the Jokertar.

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    Default Re: [Feat] Have you hugged your tree today?

    nice feat.
    My Current Works

    Quote Originally Posted by Serpentine View Post
    Also I'm pretty sure you're GLaDoS now.

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    Default Re: [Feat] Have you hugged your tree today?

    With Green Thumb and Greenbound Summons, I shall rule the world.


    and finally know how to grow bonsai trees.


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