Was trying to come up with Spiderman without changing the actual rules much and this is what came to mind.

Shadow Monk Template
Variant Human - Alert Feat
Dex/Wis/Con/Int/Cha/Str (resolved the Str issue at level 3)

Replace 3rd level Monastic Tradition feature spells with Spider Powers:
Expertise: Athletics, Acrobatics
Cantrips: Thornwhip, Vicious Mockery
Spells 1 or 2 ki points per cast: Web, Shield, Spider Climb, Blindness (only)<simulates web in eyes>, Bigby's Hand (Grasping Hand only without crush dmg)<simulates encasing in webbing>

Replace 6th level Monastic Tradition feature with Superior Kinesthetics:
Has Advantage vs Traps
Attackers have disadvantage on Opportunity Attacks against him

Replace 11th level Monastic Tradition feature with Unorthodox Fighting:
Has advantage on the first attack he makes on each of his turns.

Keep 17th level Monastic Tradition feature Opportunist.

Does any of this seem out of balance? I realize the 3rd level is a bit better with the addition of Expertise to Athletics and Acrobatics, but that seems relatively minor considering the reduced movement due to loss of teleporting all over the place gained at 6.