I intend to run a Pathfinder tactics type campaign, where players gain the services of various other characters and monsters, all vying for control over an entire continent. A large combat focused campaign, balance is a serious issue and I want players to build their forces by equal Combat Rating. Unfortunately, the standard class level to combat rating is loose at best. The current method is for three to four players against a singular creature. My homebrew is designed to bridge that gap, essentially making a class level the equal of an increase to combat rating. As this is for my intended campaign, here are the starting specifics for players.
A starting level of 8.
Low gold, making players rely on their class features.
No Leadership or Crafting feats.
Point buy with 28 points, max hitpoints at 1st and half after that.

Players may select 3 of the following options. This is the part where I really need critiquing.
*Any of these feature that grants spells uses your class level for caster level and your highest non-physical ability score for the relevant modifier.*
Rage as a Barbarian of equal level. (Not counting Rage Powers, but Greater Rage and Mighty Rage are included.)
Bardic Performance as a Bard of equal level.
Channel Energy as a Cleric of equal level.
Nature Bond as Druid of equal level.
Weapon and Armor Training as a Fighter of equal level.
Unarmed Damage and Unarmored AC Bonus as a Monk of equal level. Includes Wisdom bonus.
Smite Evil and Lay On Hands as a Paladin of equal level.
Favored Enemy and Terrain as Ranger of equal level.
Sneak Attack as a Rogue of equal level.
Bloodline (including spells) as a Sorcerer of equal level.
Bomb as an Alchemist of equal level.
Challenge as a Cavalier of equal level.
Deeds and Grit as a Gunslinger of equal level.
Judgement as an Inquisitor of equal level.
Arcane Pool and Arcana as a Magus of equal level.
Mystery (including spells) as an Oracle of equal level.
Summon Monster as a Summoner of equal level.
Hex as a Witch of equal level.
Arcanist Exploit as an Arcanist of equal level.
Martial Flexibility as a Brawler of equal level.
Animal Focus as a Hunter of equal level.
Slayer Talent as a Slayer of equal level.
Panache and Deeds as a Swashbuckler of equal level.
Sacred Weapon and Fervor as a Warpriest of equal level.
(Cost of 2) Become Mythic and gain 1 Mythic Level for every 2 standard character levels.
Gain a bonus feat every level.
Gain +1 to an ability every level. Does not stack with standard gain.
Max hit die every level.
Double skill point gain.
Your Archetype does not replace class features, you simply gain the benefits of both.
+1 Natural Armor for every 2 class levels.
Can take levels in Path of War or Psionic classes.
Restore starting gold to standard, as well as bonus gold every level to insure you stay at standard.
+1 perfection bonus to all saves for every 2 class levels.
Weapon Proficiency, Weapon Focus, and Weapon Specialization with all weapons.
Gain levels in prestige classes without meeting Base Attack Bonus, Skill Rank, or Caster Level prerequisites.