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    Default Morland Studios Order of the Stick minis

    I just got an email from Morland Studios letting me know that there are 3 new ones currently in the casting phase. It didn't say who they are, but I'm excited that the line is starting back up again. Casting the figures can take a month or two, so probably late August-September release.

    I'm hoping for Nale, Sabine, and Thog.

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    Default Re: Morland Studios Order of the Stick minis

    Awesome. I do hope they end up making a figure on every character. I will buy everything they create.

    I will take a guess that they are making some Azurite's. Right now O'Chul needs some company. And with so many characters from Xyxons camp, something needs to balance it out. For some reason I want Shojo and Hinjo (and his dog)

    But the one I really want, and I will ensure they make his someday is:

    A special edition Belkar riding Bloodfeast the Exterminator

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