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Pretty much. Though on the humor front I have noticed that much of the humor in various anime just makes me cringe while the rest leaves me giggling like a maniac. Konosuba and Kill la Kill were mostly latter though about half the jokes related to Darkness in Konosube and some of the most overtly sexual jokes in Kill la Kill were former. One of the biggest things I like in the three I mentioned as my favourites are the larger than life emotions and the characters not giving up despite the difficulties and tragedies involved.

Thanks I'll check some of those out after the exams next week when I have more time :)
On the cringe front, I totally get you. The shows I mentioned are mostly good with that, with Overlord being the worst about it.

You might also want to give a try to some anime rom-coms too. No adventure, but some of them have the humour and the larger-than-life emotions and nice characters. Some even have mundane tragedies, sans all the monster-related drama. If that sounds good, maybe give Lovely Complex a try? If you end up liking that, you'll want to ask for recommendations that fit your preferences. Most of anime romances are bad IMO even when they aren't pervy harem shows, and some of the bad ones are really bad.