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    Default New Fighter Archetype: The Runepriest

    When the gods left the dwarves, their skill as artisans were much coveted. They were captured and enslaved by armies of men and elves, forced to forge works of beauty and weapons of war. Without the power of their clerics and paladins, they were near helpless. When the dragons came, they burned the elvish forests and razed the city of men, but they spared the dwarves, whom they recognized as capable servants. The dwarves were forced to dig deep into the earth for precious metals to satisfy the greed of the dragons. In the deepest heart of the mountains, they heard the voice of Shara, the True Stone, who showed them the Runes, fragments of the words of power the primordials used to shape the elemental chaos into the world as it was. With this power, the dwarves repelled the dragons and gained their freedom at last.

    Since that ancient time, the Runepriests have spread their teachings far. Runepriests guard nearly every temple in the world.
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