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    smile I just want to thank you Rick Burlew!!!

    You see, i've been reading The Order of the Stick for quite some time, years to be true and in this long years a lot of things happen, a lot of things change, but no matter what, i always have time to Roy, Belkar (i love this little guy!), Elan, Haley, Durkon and Vaarsuvius. In this years i have the oportunity to read a amazing saga, see how the characters change, evolve, grow and i grow with then too and now after all this time we get to the strip #1000 and by the looks of it it seems that we still gonna have alot of stips ahead (i hope so!) so i just want to thank you for this amazing journey and congratulate you for such awesome work!

    A great fan!

    Ps: Sorry about the bad english, i'm from Brasil!

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    Default Re: I just want to thank you Rick Burlew!!!

    I first started reading this comic in 2007, which means that I've been an OOTS reader for the last 40% of my life. It's been awesome.
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    biggrin Re: I just want to thank you Rick Burlew!!!

    It just dawned on me this morning, that I've been reading OotS for about 9 years(!), and I saw XKCD just turned 10 today... and it got me thinking "when was OotS born? (I know about the early comics in the magazines, but I don't know WHEN that was... )

    Since chances are 5x D20:1 that it was NOT on this date, some number of years ago, Happy UN-birthday, OotS, and thank you, Rich, for years of anticipation and fun!


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