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    Lightbulb [Magic Item] Unleash the fury!

    Open to suggestions on pricing.


    Collar of the Great Beast

    This is a collar of intricately braided leather of tanned giant hide and studded with blunt bone spikes. The collar grows or shrinks to fit the creature it is to go about. When put around the necks of an animal, vermin or familiar they grow to twice their normal size and eight times their normal weight. This alteration changes the beast's size category to the next largest, grants it a +8 size bonus to Strength and a +4 size bonus to Constitution (and thus an extra 2 hit points per HD), and imposes a Ė2 size penalty to Dexterity. The creatureís existing natural armor bonus increases by 2. The size change also affects the beastís modifier to AC and attack rolls and its base damage. The beastís space and reach change as appropriate to the new size, but its speed does not change.

    If insufficient room is available for the desired growth, the creature attains the maximum possible size and may make a Strength check (using its increased Strength) to burst any enclosures in the process. If it fails, it is constrained without harm by the materials enclosing itó the collar cannot be used to crush a creature by increasing its size.

    The spell gives no means of command or influence over the enlarged beast.

    Moderate Transmutation; CL 9th.; Craft Wondrous Item, animal growth, giant vermin; Price 65,000 gp; Weight 1 lb.
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    Default Re: [Magic Item] Unleash the fury!

    Eh... a reasonable idea... and given your level of experience I am sure you got the price right to the point where it is beyond my ability to comment. MAYBE make it so it has to be worn for an hour before it takes effect... that way it is at least a LITTLE inconvient if everytime you go inside and then back out again there is a lag before your critter reaches max. power. Would also keep it from being used on random higher level druid summons when they have a few rounds to prepare... although I don't know if that would be a good thing or a bad thing.

    ...but a device that allows you to actually summon and dismiss your special mount, animal companion, or familiar (which is what I thought you were going to do when I saw the title, based on Hinjo's Poke'ball) would be even cooler.
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    Default Re: [Magic Item] Unleash the fury!

    Your pricing is about right. Continuous animal growth is spell level 5 * caster level 9 * 2000, which comes out to 90,000 gold. However, since it is racially limited, we can knock off 30%, down to 63,000.

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