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    smile Re: Request an OotS style Avatar 14: Even More Revenge

    Gentlemen, it is avatar time. I'm going to try and re-create my DnD character, a clumsy gnome monk with a very very long name. I may salvage his sheet one day, if I decide to pick up DnD again.

    Gender: Male
    Equipment: A mug of beer in his left hand, a fistful of darts in the other. He's wearing some orange robes and leather sandals.
    Notable Features: N/A
    Hair: Brown, a bit wavy and all over the place.
    Race: Gnome
    Class: Monk
    Pose: One leg is put back, and the other is standing on a pile of spellbooks, with a small red stain on the top one. He has his arms out, raising the dart hand into the air triumphantly.
    I have no idea what I'm doing.

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    Default Re: Request an OotS style Avatar 14: Even More Revenge

    I would like to request an avatar depicting my LARP character. I will describe him below, but I have photos available that I would gladly PM, I'd just rather not post them openly.

    There are two possible versions of him. One where he's dressed for a fight, and one where he's in civilian clothing. I would leave it to the artist to decide which sounds more interesting to draw, or do I dare dream, perhaps even both.


    Both Variants:
    Sex and Gender: Male
    Race: Half-dwarf, but of human stature. He thinks he's 100% human.
    Hair: Brown with blonde roots. Short dwarven-style beard, unwoven.
    Skin colour: Pale, with a farmer's tan.
    Eyes: Wears a blindfold, used as primitive sunglasses.
    Clothing: Black (European) monk's robes with hood. Rope as belt. Knife hanging from left (from his perspective) side of belt. Sturdy shoes. Leather water pouch hanging on right side of belt. Three round leather pouches hanging behind water pouch on belt.

    Variant 1:
    Clothing: Brown, armless, cloth gambeson reaching down to knee height. Rope goes around this. Big two-handed sword.
    Pose: Sword in right hand, leaning on right shoulder. Hood up, obscuring even majority of the blindfold. Head tilted slightly to the left. Small sly smile and left hand raised in a "what can you do" shrug".

    Variant 2:
    Clothing: Rectangular leather shoulder-bag hanging on left side of body, behind the knife. The strap goes across the body and over the right shoulder. Wooden recorder/flute stuffed in belt on left side. Small drum by his feet.
    Pose: Big wary grin. Hood up as before. Right hand holding one of the leather pouches, which is open, innocuously at hip height. Left hand has just taken something out of the pouch (some kind of powder), also at hip height. Left hand is glowing slightly.

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    Default Re: Request an OotS style Avatar 14: Even More Revenge

    I'd like to jump on the custom avatar train.

    Gender: Female
    Race: Halfling
    Class: Ranger
    Equipment: Leather armor and two daggers. The leather armor should be the more realistic kind, without a bare midriff or exposed breasts- think closer to Haley's current armor design than her early armor design.
    Skin Color: Medium-brown
    Hair: Black with braids; if possible, include small beads of different colors.
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    Default Re: Request an OotS style Avatar 14: Even More Revenge

    Quote Originally Posted by Gaius Hermicus View Post
    I would love to request an avatar, if it isn't too much trouble for somebody to make.

    Gender: Male (not particularly important though)
    Race: Minotaur
    Fur/Skin color: Dark Brown
    Red eyes, machete handing from belt
    Dressed in a leather vest and an AC/DC t-shirt
    Roaring menacingly

    Thank you in advance!
    Not looking for another creative side project right now (or the right artist for the job, something like a shirt with a logo usually really benefits from vector work, I'm more of a pixel person), just showing some support for more minotaur avatars.

    Because a world without minotaurs is lost. In a labyrinth, mostly.
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    Default Re: Request an OotS style Avatar 14: Even More Revenge

    Reposting this request as it's been more than half a year, and my standing avatar seems to have broken during the wait.

    Quote Originally Posted by cardrian View Post
    It's been a good while since I've been active on the forums here, and I've started playing Werewolf the Forsaken after several years of being away from that, so it feels like a good time to celebrate with a new avatar. So I want a werewolf in hybrid form, Eastern Wolf markings, ripped black or white jeans, no shirt or shoes.

    If there are any questions, don't hesitate.

    Spoiler: Example of an Eastern Wolf
    Awesome Protean avatar by Serpentine.
    Spoiler: Oddly true
    Spoiler: Previous avatars
    Beastly Sqaull avatar by linklele.

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    Default Re: Request an OotS style Avatar 14: Even More Revenge

    Time for me to finally retire my old avatar of many years. Hopefully you guys can do as good a job as this last one.

    Vampiric Tiefling (Very pale, white would probably be the easiest)
    Equipment: A black robe with a pair of star shaped glasses with gold frames and pink lenses. Atop his head is a floppy patch work hat of many random colors, think of the cat in the hat's cap. And shoved onto his head over the cap, with the top of the hat poking out above, is a gold crown.
    Smiling, maybe some warlock magic round the hands would be lovely. Have fun with the pose, he's a pretty wacky dude!

    Thanks so much, I can't wait to see what kinda thing you can come up with!
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