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    Default Re: Request an OotS style Avatar 14: Even More Revenge

    I know I already have one, but after one of the other conversations on the forum, I just had to request another one.

    Race: Tiefling (4e+ style, thick horns & tail)
    Hair: Dark Brown
    Class: Paladin, shining armor and all that fun stuff.
    Props: Carrying a box of peeping chicks. As in, baby chickens. Yes, I know what you're thinking.

    Thanks in advance for anyone willing to deal with my bit of craziness.
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    Default Re: Request an OotS style Avatar 14: Even More Revenge

    I'd like a new avatar. I still have my old one, but a new one would be neat.

    Gender-Androgynous, slightly female leaning.
    Equipment-Book in hand, wearing on oversized green or blue hoodie
    Hair-Shoulder length and red (auburn red, not red red)
    Pose-I'm thinking just casually leaning? Maybe sitting down? I dunno, just make it look cool.

    As always, I would like to give a HUGE THANK YOU to anyone who works on this!

    Edit: After some discussion and thought, would it be possible to have a magical girl version too?
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    Default Re: Request an OotS style Avatar 14: Even More Revenge

    Requesting a male Tengu Rogue. No weapons, dark (dark) red cloak with hood halfway back off his head. Holding a dark lantern with a purplish glow.

    Please and thank you!

    P.S. OOTS style
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    Default Re: Request an OotS style Avatar 14: Even More Revenge

    I think it is time to request a new avatar.

    Race: Human
    Class: Knight
    Armor: Full plate
    Weapon: great sword
    Helmet: yes
    Pose: In left foot forward, and sword in the fool's guard.
    Color Theme: black and gray or blue and gray

    general idea of what it will look like (ignoring pose)

    what the fool's guard is (look at which hand is closer to the hilt)

    [EDIT] OoTS style of course
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    Default Re: Request an OotS style Avatar 14: Even More Revenge

    Had a bit of a hiatus due to uni life but reposting as i plan to come back

    Repost from the last thread

    Hi guys I'm a newbie here and would like an avatar in the new Oots style My character is a Duergar Anti-Paladin/Blackguard/Oathbreaker Paladin. He has pale grey skin, is bald but with a black beard. He is in dark plate mail ( la Durkula) with a sliver necklace (holy symbol) and a two handed mace (like Sauron's). So that's what i would like my avatar to be, with a serious expression please.

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