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    smile Matching OOTS art style for avatar?

    I've decided to make a custom avatar for these forums that matches the OOTS art style. I like all the silly ones people have.

    Naturally I want to use the comic itself as a reference... but the character I want to make my avatar of is a dire weasel, and there are relatively few mammalian animals in the comic. Do any of you guys know where in the comic's 1000 or so pages I could find animals to use as references?

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    Default Re: Matching OOTS art style for avatar?

    I think one of Roys Bag of ticks critters was a weasel. I think it was the one who talked to Miko. Also, V polymorphed into a badger in the desert.

    Edit: Be careful that your avatar doesn't break the forums copyrighted materials rules.
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    Default Re: Matching OOTS art style for avatar?

    I normally just would take a actual reference image of the animal, do an OOTs-style over it, and simplify.
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    Default Re: Matching OOTS art style for avatar?

    Mister Scruffy, Sir Scraggles, several of the Twelve Gods, Argent.
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    Default Re: Matching OOTS art style for avatar?

    Did you get the Monster For All Seasons PDFs from the Kickstarter? If so, those would be an especially good choice to draw upon.
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