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    Default Baaz Draconian (Dragonlance) - 5th Edition

    Here is my conversion of the Baaz Draconian to 5th edition. The Dragonborn in the PHB are not found in the Dragonlance campaign setting and don't fit the lore. The draconians were mentioned as the equivalent, but of the 11 types of Draconians, most were extremely powerful, and only the Baaz Draconian and the Frost Noble Draconian had ECL equal or below 4 in 3.5, so it was a challenge converting them to a playable race in 5th. Here is my conversion for 5th.

    The Baaz Draconian

    Baaz have a general humanoid form, with lizardlike feet, clawed hands, thin wings and a short, stubby tail. As a baaz ages, it changes colour from brass towards green. Small, bright red eyes and a blunt nuzzle filled with sharp teeth give them an unsettling appearance. They enjoy flamboyant clothing with many decorations, but with robes and hooded cloaks, they disguise themselves (however crudely) as human monks.

    Baaz were originally a single sex species, but the discovery of a clutch of eggs that hatched female draconians and the founding of the nation of Teyr has given rise to a new population of draconians, and while a number of them want to be left alone by the other races of Krynn, many of the baaz live lives consisting of fighting and drinking.
    Baaz love alcohol, and usually imbibe a good amount of it before going into battle. As the lowest of the draconians, they are generally given little respect by their superiors, though this has changed in recent times. Humans hunt the baaz without mercy, and the bitter feelings are sure to linger on for a long while.

    As a Baaz Draconian, you have

    Ability Score Increase Your Constitution increases by 2
    Size Baaz stand between 5 and 6 feet tall, and are between 85 and 90Ibs in weight. Your size is medium
    Age all Draconians reach adulthood at 5 years.
    Speed your base speed is 30 feet
    Darkvision - You can see in dim light within 60 feet of you as if it were bright light, and in darkness as if it were dim light. You see everything in shades of grey in the darkness you cannot discern colour.
    Tough Scales you have thick skin, your AC is 11 + Dexterity modifier.
    Bite Attack You have Proficiency in your bite that does 1d4 of piecing damage as a Melee Weapon Attack.
    Gliding Winds - You can glide, negating the damage from a fall of any height, and travel 20 feet horizontally for every 5 feet vertical descent. You glide at a speed of 40 feet.
    Keen senses you have Proficiency in Perception.
    Death Throe Baaz have bodies that petrify as soon as they die. If the creature that struck the deathblow used a slashing or a piecing weapon, then it must make a Reflex save (DC 13) or have its weapon trapped inside the body of the baaz. The baaz crumbles to dust within 1d4 minute. As a consequence, you cannot be restored to life through the use of Raise Dead, Revivify or Reincarnate.
    Blood of the Dragon You cannot be put to sleep via magical means, and have advantage on saving throws against poison and disease.
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    Default Re: Baaz Draconian (Dragonlance) - 5th Edition

    Tough Scales: Natural Armor bonus is not a thing. This should give them a new AC Calculation option. If this is unpalatable it should increase their AC under some condition.
    Bite Attack: You need to specify that this has a melee range, and define if it counts as a "weapon" or not, and what properties if any it has.
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