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    Default Path of War Multiclass question

    So from what I can find on it, your Initiator Level is 1/2 your non Initiator Levels + your Initiator Levels. (excluding the feat chain that follows its own rules)
    But what happens if you take say - 10 levels of stalker and 10 levels of warlord for example? By the rules you cant have the same move ready twice, so knowing a move on one list counts as knowing it for that entire path, but what about your Initiator Level then? In this case, would it be 20 with a lack of end game class features, or would it be 15?

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    Default Re: Path of War Multiclass question

    Both classes would have an IL of 15.

    The maneuver would have an IL of 15 and could only be readied by the class you took it with.

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